Wednesday, 13 January 2016

[Wednesday Workout]: London's New Boutique Boxing Gym

Feel like trying something new this year? I gave boxing a go at London's newest and trendiest studio, and now I'm not going back to the treadmill. Here's what you need to know...

So many celebs are posting Instagrams of them in boxing gloves, and it's become a big trend, especially in the city. I'm almost certain it's about to get even bigger as well, after 'Creed' comes out (FYI, I saw a screening of this last week and fell in love with the whole sport... and Michael Jordan). But if you think it's just reserved for bulky men then have a re-think because it's a killer workout and is seriously empowering.

Kobox London on King's Road (SW) has only just launched, and was actually founded by ex-Barry's Bootcamp master trainer, Shane Collins. His whole motto is about making boxing accessible to those who: 'Want to get fit without getting hit'. YES. The training space is seriously cool as well - like a massive warehouse with dimmed blue lights and hanging bags (a little menacing-looking on the first visit).

The verdict...
I loved it, and I've gone back a few times since. The class is 60 minutes, but with a hardcore mix of boxing technique, wall squats, suicide runs (if you don't know these then get ready for a whoole load of running), and sweat. Lots of sweat. But in a good way - I always feel amazing after it. 

The price...
It is quite pricey at £20 a go, but you'd pay that for a Psycle or a 1Rebel class. If you go this month though, you can get 2 classes for £25. AND you get the wraps (for your hands), use of gloves and towels for free. If you're doing dry Jan, then it's basically the cost of a couple of drinks you would normally have spent on a night out.

For more info and bookings, head over to
Let me know how you get on!x

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  1. This sounds fab, I'm going to sign myself up!
    Steph x


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