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I took the plunge and went brighter, lighter and blonder, and I learnt some things along the way, so have a read if you're planning on doing the same.
The ombre/balayage trend is still going strong, and it's a good look, and definitely flattering. But when I looked at my hair a few weeks ago, I realised I'd been the same off-blonde for about a year, and I was starting to get a little tired of my dark roots and brassy ends.

But it's hard to stray from what you know, and every time I looked at a picture of someone else with a blonde ombre, I just immediately wanted that. Although, I was chatting to a colourist the other day and he laughed at me when I showed him my Pinterest board of dreams - because apparently all of those images had been filtered to death, and in fact, would resemble nothing like the glossy Instagram hues, in real life (boo). 
Six pins that made me want to go lighter and brighter (via Pinterest)

SO, the point is, after weeks of back-and-forthing over colour, I booked into Taylor Taylor London for the next day, so I wouldn't have any time to change my mind. If you haven't heard of TTL, then go check them on here. They are colour specialists, and have just opened a second salon in Liberty London (if I could live there, I would.)

Michael Kelly, the colour director, did my new shade, and you have to trust the guy because he does the colour for all the fabulous women over in Australia (and they just look better over there). He did crush my dreams a little because apparently going a REALLY light blonde isn't possible for all hair types. Some will only lift to a warm blonde, while others will go all the way to a clean, white shade. Which is why, if you're Asian or naturally really dark-haired, you might struggle to get it to a white blonde, unless you camp there ALL week.

Mine lifted to a pretty light blonde, and when it was all dried and bouncy, I cursed myself for not having gone lighter, sooner. 
Before: Dry, tangled and a little bit orange. Now: Silky, bright and an ashy blonde leading into a creamy white (okay so I didn't completely ditch the balayage!)
If you're thinking of going to a cleaner shade of blonde this season, here are some of my helpful hints...

  • -Don't be sad if your colourist tells you that it isn't possible to go as light as you want. They're saving you an end result you won't want, and a lot of split ends
  • -Do look into dying your hair with the help of Olaplex. I'll do a separate piece on this soon, but it essentially stops the bleach from damaging and breaking your hair.
  • -Don't ignore your colourist. They know hair better than we do, so if they say something won't work on you, have a think about why. They wouldn't be saying that unless they really believed it.
  • -Do have some reference shades on hand - images of what you're looking for are still useful, but don't expect the outcome to be exactly the same. Your hair might be completely different to the person's your showing. Have inspiration, but be prepared to adapt it to suit your hair type.
  • -Do your own thing. Maybe you want to go brighter before going pastel - and that's fun. Don't let someone put you off trying something new because life is too short to be 1 shade of brown.

Are you thinking of having a winter hair refresh? If you have any more questions, post them below x

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  1. Loved this! Super interesting.. and making me want to get my hair done in snazzy London salons haha!


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