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I admit it, fashion week confuses me, and with so many shows and so many designers, it really is hard to keep up with it all.
Milan, Paris, London, New York...THERE'S SO MANY. And then you have to think about the seasons, but they aren't the current season - we're talking months ahead here. But don't panic because I've waded through it all and I've got your guide to everything important you need to know about the fashion weeks this year. The best part? Now you can look like a total pro without even having to ask. Woop!

Let's get right to it...

1. What even IS fashion week?
Basically, it's just a week for designers or houses to showcase what they have coming up for the NEXT season. It's where they tell all the buyers and celebs and the media about what's going to be 'in'. So we're currently entering Spring/Summer 16, so that means that this fashion week will be all about Autumn/Winter 16 - the next season along.

2. But there's more than one?
Yep, they show two seasons, Spring/Summer and then Autumn/Winter. We've got this one in Feb and then the next London one will happen again in September.

3. And it's not just London that have a show?
No, the four main cities; Paris, Milan, New York and London host all of the main womenswear shows, and they always do it in order - with New York starting out, London next, then Milan and finishing in Paris this March.

4. Does that mean designers show their stuff four times?
No, and this is where I got a little confused. So, different designers will showcase their collections in different cities, and they usually choose the one they have a loyalty to. For example, Chanel is a french fashion house and therefore show in Paris. Michael Kors hail from the States and show in New York. Vivienne Westwood and Topshop Unique are from our side of the water and are prepping to show in London. 

5. Who pays for it all?
Ah, this is where sponsorship comes in handy. Each city, and even show, has different sponsors - like, this year, London's is being sponsored by Sunglasses Hut and American Express (among many others!). They are really pricey though, which is one of the reasons why small designers may not be able to take part. 

6. Do beauty brands have their own shows?
Nope, this is where 'backstage' comes in. Hair and beauty brands team up with designers to create the looks to go with their clothes. Like, Victoria Beckham brought in Redken to do the hair for her show in New York the other week. It often costs a lot for brands to get involved, and they can do more than one show - like MAC often do quite a few. I'm all about the beauty so I'll be blogging about some of the collaborations as they happen this week and next week, because I'm not too sure who's teaming up with who yet.

7. Why is Gigi in EVERY darn show?
Fashion Week is probably THE biggest week in a model's year because it's when they get most of their press coverage and bookings. A model can walk in 10's of shows in one season, and the biggest names of the moment are hot property - with a lot of designers wanting to use them. Gigi and Kendall just happen to be those girls at the moment, and as such, will appear all over. A lot of models don't charge for fashion week because they get back so much exposure and sometimes even clothes, but I'm guessing brands that are booking the top tier models, are shelling out quite a sum.

8. Err, and when is it?
19th (tomorrow!) until the 23rd of Feb!

Phew. Thank god that's over. Happy fashion week everyone and keep checking back in for more updates from me!x
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