Friday, 19 February 2016


I'm aware that 23 really isn't that old, and it's actually just an insignificant year all round, but I've realised a few things this year, and I'm much happier for it.
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen - I'm not entirely sure I knew what was going on. A blur of school and uni, it was just easier to fit in rather than stand out. My early twenties were also dominated by worrying about what everyone else thought of me, and while some of my insecurities haven't gone away, I have accepted some things...

1. I'm just not an 'out-out' kind of girl
Believe me I've tried - the whole London club thing, the pub crawling thing and the stay-out-all-night raves - I HAVE tried. But I just don't find them fun. The idea of queuing outside a place in the middle of winter for half an hour in a tiny dress and heels, then paying a ton of money to get in, and then half your bank balance for a bottle of crappy wine - it just doesn't say fun to me. I want to be warm and happy in a fun bar where I can actually hear what people are saying. I'm aware I sound like an old lady here, but I'm not a club girl - I'm more about taco nights and a Canadian bar.

2. A few great friends are better than heaps of old ones
I swapped schools three or four times growing up and I was always so jealous of girls who had a massive group of friends, who'd known each other since like year 2. I never did; I have a couple of good friends from various places. But I've realised that's okay, because I can barely keep track of my own life let alone 10 others. I've got who I need and I couldn't want anything more.

3. I don't need to be EVERYTHING I see
She has long brown hair and an amazing tan? So must I. She has a round butt and a tiny waist? I want that. She's a dancer? I want to be too. Get the point? I saw girls, beautiful in their own rights, and wanted all of it, and changed my mind every day depending on what was the craze at the time. But that's unique to them, just like I'm uniquely me. You can't be everything - you can only be the best YOU possible. Leave the trends alone.

4. I can't be dealing with 'alcohol pushers'
I was actually going to do a whole post on this because it bugs me. I'm not a drinker - never have been, never will be. I just don't really like the taste of alcohol. I like a glass of wine or two, sure, and a gin & tonic in the summer, but shots of sticky god-knows-what, and toxic pints of cheap and horrible tasting liqueur, I don't want that. And if I'm going out and choosing not to have it, those people going: 'Why aren't you drinking?!' and 'You can't come out and not drink', I don't need that in my life. If the only way they can have fun is by dragging everyone down into a paralytic state, then great, but count me out.

5. Life is too short not to get on with family
Mine drive me insane sometimes, and we're all so stubborn that whenever we're all together - and heaven forbid we get out the game of Charades - it ends up in a fight. But I've watched my grandparents and my parents getting older and I just think that these are the days I'll look back and wish for with all my heart. We all have our health (touch wood) and we're all in good places. I don't want to argue my way through it, and it might mean conceding on a few things, but at least I'm making the most of them.


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