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Disclaimer: There is a whole lot of avocado in this round-up. Why? Because avocado is the greatest breakfast food that has existed, since Cocopops and hot milk. So I just had to get variations of avo on toast to make it a fair test.
I love breakfast, and if it's at 11am then even better. There's nothing that makes a greater weekend than heading out to a new spot in London with a friend, and sitting gossiping over cappuccinos and breakfast food. If you want to try somewhere new, then have a read of this. Some you may recognise and some you won't have heard of - but do give them a visit because they are the best I've found (and not just for avocado!).

1. LONDON GRIND (London Bridge)
This is my new week-day breakfast hangout. I love it! It's right by London Bridge - like the actual bridge, although it's also close to the station. They serve a really great mix of breakfast foods, including smoothie bowls, avocado on toast with about 6 different add-ons. You can have feta, prosciutto and smoked salmon - and more. Prices range from £6 - £13ish - very very good value.

My pick: Smashed avocado with chilli on toast and smoked salmon.
The adventurous pick: Raw breakfast salad with red cabbage, broccoli, avocado, chilli and boiled duck egg.
Michelin-cado score: 8/10. It's perfect for me, but they don't serve gluten-free or rye bread, and I have a lot of friends that are gluten intolerant. I really think they should cater for it.

TIP: get the bacon as a side - it's SO crispy.
This is a new find, and I went last weekend with my boyfriend as a good friend of his had recommended it. It's about a 3-minute walk from Shoreditch High Street, and I can't vouch for the weekday menu, but we had amazing food on a Saturday morning. Be prepared to share a table, because the space is very small and packed in, and it does get really busy - which is why they don't take weekend bookings. We had a slight problem with the wait time, so don't go if you're in a hurry, but the food was really good. For two full breakfasts and 2 lots of coffee and a cake, we only paid £23.

My pick: Sourdough toast with smashed avocado and sliced fennel, with a spicy tomato salsa.
The adventurous pick: Tuscan egg omelette with pesto, cotton ham & sun blush tomatoes.
Michelin-cado score: 7/10. Really good, but I thought it was a LITTLE bit of a mad-house.

3. CENTRAL & CO (Soho)
I was introduced to this central brasserie-style place by a friend, and I've been back a couple of times since. It so SO friendly - and I think it might be run by Aussies because all the staff are from there and are really great with customers. I'm not sure I'm cool enough to use the word vibe, but the vibes were good, and the coffee even better. The food is simple, but done well, and I could have chosen a lot of things off the menu. Prices are good, considering it's so central (right by Liberty!), and are around £10 per meal.

My pick: Avocado, chilli and coriander on sourdough toast.
The adventurous pick: Baked eggs, sausage, roasted peppers and yogurt.
Michelin-cado score: 8/10. I love, but I live in South London and the idea of going to Oxford Street on a weekend just isn't a nice one. A good mid-weeker though, if you have a day off.

4. THE BREAKFAST CLUB (London Bridge/Canary Wharf/ ALL OVER)
Alright FINE, so this isn't a secret spot. In fact it's so not a secret that it always has lines and lines of hungover youths queuing there all day on Saturdays. But if you can go on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, it's the dream. The food is just un-rivalled, especially the pancakes. And if you go for the avocado, they give such good amounts of it. I really think that I've been four times in one week, that is the extent of my devotion. It can do no wrongs. Awesome value, hence the queues. Avo on toast is only £7.50.

My pick: Avocado, and poached egg on rye bread with a side of smoked salmon. 
The adventurous pick: The All American Pancakes.
Michelin-cado score: 10/10. So convenient, always a great atmosphere and I never go away hungry. I would get married there if I could...PANCAKES ALL ROUND.

5. LANTANA (Old Street)
I always eat the food too quickly, so this shot is borrow from their Insta: @lantana_cafe
Hands down, my current favourite eating place. When I say that, I mean I like it so much that anyone who knows me will probably have been forced there with me. Really friendly staff, good sized tables, with a whole different take-out station and laptop area. There's always tables in the week, and even though you can't book on weekends, the wait isn't usually long. Love the coffee, and the menu - well, I could eat it all. The one I go to is right outside one of the MANY Old street exits, but I think they call it the Shoreditch branch. I can't vouch for the Soho one, but it looks a lot more compact.

My pick: Smashed avocado & streaky bacon on sourdough toast with poached egg & rocket. BUT I always ask for the courgette bread (show in the picture) because it is like eating yummy yummy clouds.
The adventurous pick: Corn fritters stacked with streaky bacon, fresh spinach, roast tomatoes, smashed avocado & lemon crème fraiche (looove these).
Michelin-cado score: 9.5/10.  -0.5 deducted because the smoked salmon tastes too fishy. YES, I know that sounds absorb but, you know what I mean.

I'd love to know your favourite place to eat. Tell me your secrets so I can go forth with my ago obsession x
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