Tuesday, 16 February 2016


I really can't cope with YSL's new Spring collection - it's just all to die for, and this little pink palette is gorgeous.
I think my favourite ever beauty launch is still the YSL Touche Eclat, and nothing has really rivalled it for me. Except maybe the Clarins Instant Light Concealer which is also pretty amazing. Anyway, the point is, YSL bring out some great stuff, and their Spring collection lives up to standards. There was a lot to pick from but I really do love this face perfector.

What is it? I was so amazed by how pretty it looked that I actually didn't even realise what it was. It's basically a colour corrector, so if you have problems with red skin, then the green will even that out, and if you need some colour adding, the rose will give you a pop of pink. The rest add more of a highlighting and illuminating glow. It really is very clever, and you can use all the shades separately or just blend them all together and brush over you skin in place of a powder.
I have to say, I'd buy it just for the packaging because it really is dreamy. And I can actually say on the days I don't use it, I don't like my skin tone as much, so it does good things, especially if you need to take off some redness on a bad skin week.

It's limited edition and costs £42.50 from here x
The results - a nice soft glow.


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