Sunday, 28 February 2016


I'm really not great with anything DIY related, but I always get so sad when one of my favourite candles finishes, that started having a read about refilling the old pots so I can use them again.
And it's so easy! Never again do you have to say goodbye to your favourite candle. I've broken it down into easy steps for you, if you want to give it a go. I promise, it really isn't rocket science so if I can do it, so can you.

What you need:

- Candle wax pellets (the above I got from Hobbycraft for £3 a bag)
- Candle wicks (again, you can get them in a pack of 4-6  for about £2)
- The old candle pot you want to fill (I actually bought two new ones from Hobbycraft for £1 each!)
- 4x drops of essential oil like mint or rose (optional)

How to:
STEP 1: If you're using and old candle, then remove the old wick from the bottom of it, and scrape away any old wax, so that you have a flat surface to put the new one on.

STEP 2: Place it in your pot and chop the wick down to size. You want it to be a cm or two below the rim.

STEP 3: Time to measure out the wax. It completely depends on how big the candle pot it, but I measured mine by filling up my candle pot to the top with the wax pieces, and then transferred that amount into a microwaveable container. Place in the microwave for around 4-5 minutes, again depending on how much wax you're using. You'll know it's ready when all the pieces have melted. I'd recommend using a container you don't mind chucking (or recycling!) at the end, so I used a pot from an old dessert.

STEP 4: Remove the melted wax from the microwave - be careful because it'll be hot, so use oven gloves. Take your ready-cut wick and dip the bottom of it in the hot wax, then stick it to the bottom of your candle pot - it acts like a glue.

STEP 5: Add in your scent, if you want. I've got this amazing Clean fragrance that smells of fresh laundry, so I added in a couple of spritzes of that. Although I'd say add an oil, because a perfume can solidify the wax..and is less, err, flammable. Peppermint oil is good.

STEP 6: Pour the hot wax into the pot, being careful not to submerge the wick.

And there it is! No more candle wastage. Have you tried this before? Do you have a different method?x

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