Wednesday, 17 February 2016


I spend so much time in gym clothes that I like what I wear to reflect some of my style. Whether it's my bag, bottle or leggings – they have to inspire me, and these are my current kit hits that keep me going through the week.
I really wish I was someone who could prance into the gym in little shorts and a crop top, but I'm not. When I workout I like to be comfy, and unfortunately I don't feel that in a minuscule top. BUT I have collected some fun accessories and great gear, so have a look through my february faves...

I was late joining the obsession with these fun bottles, but now I can't get enough of them. They're the brainchild of two friends in LA, and after chatting about the idea they quit their jobs and started BKR - hurray. The whole point is these bottles are made to last, so you can just fill them and go. They release limited collections every now and then for fashion week etc, and the one I have is the London Heart (find here) for £28. So sweet.

My favourite smell ever is the whole Rituals Laughing Buddha collection. If you haven't smelt it, go and find your local stockist (Debenhams stock them) and have a sniff because it actually does make me happy. For this reason I like to scrub it on, shower it on and spritz it on whenever I can, hence why I carry this Happy Mist version in my gym bag. It smells of sweet orange and cedar wood and really just makes me in a better mood. £16.50.

I always pack an oversized t-shirt, either to change into after a workout or just to train in, because like I say, it's comfy. My favourite one at the moment in this blue and white t-shirt from Adidas. I got it from JD Sports for something like £15 and it's done me well. 
I've recently discovered the sportswear at Superdry, and I really like it. This sports bra is one of my favourites because it has a little bit of padding, but not enough to make it like 'is it a bra or is it a crop top - I don't know'. It's really comfy and I love the grey and yellow. This one costs £24.99. I'm dying to pick up some of the hoodies too, because they look super soft.

Special shoutout to Sweaty Betty because every time I go in their shop, well, I have to leave before I end up spending hundreds. Everything is just such beautiful quality and it makes me want to be a sweaty betty girl more than anything - I would EVEN do some yoga. My gym bag is from there and it's a squishy black duffel and I adore it. It's £95 here but I really do use it all the time.


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