Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Have I mentioned I'm going on hols in two weeks? I actually don't think I have, but I am, and I'm going to Antigua.
I am SO excited, I can't even tell you. Sandy beaches (some of them are PINK!), 28 degree heat and a whoole load of pool-side reading. I leave in just a few weeks, and I've been upping my workout game to make sure I feel my happiest in a bikini.

You don't have to follow any of this, it's just what I'm doing, and if you want to do nothing but look forward to your hols, then go ahead and do that, because every body is beach-ready, if you feel confident and happy.


After-work gym session with my housemate, focusing on legs and glutes. Warm up with 10 minutes at a high incline run on the treadmill then 5 minutes on the step machine. 
--> 3x sets of 12 weighted leg extensions, weighted 2x 12 sets of lunges, 3x15 sets of squats using a 20kg bar.
Coconut and honey porridge, unsalted nuts, halloumi/grains/salmon salad, chocolate protein shake, wholegrain wrap with brown rice/ salad/ grilled chicken and sour cream.

Lunch-time gym session, focusing on abs and arms --> 3x12 side twists using an 8kg ball, 2x15 sit-ups holding the ball, 2x15 side planks (each side), 2 sets of 30 second planks, 2x15 weighted reaches (per side), leg raises using a bench to lie on. 10 minutes of rowing.
Avocado and smoked salmon on rye toast, green smoothie, raw coconut chips, avocado and parmesan wrap with a yogurt sauce, vanilla protein shake, dinner out for sushi.

Break day (YAY)
Breakfast at Roast - cheese and smocked mackerel omelette, carrot and ginger juice, chicken pot pie stew from EAT (only on wednesdays and I LOVE it), almonds, chilli using turkey mince/black beans/peppers.

Lunch-time gym session concentrating on glutes --> 3x15 of squats using 30kg squat bar, 2x15 weighted side lunges, 3x12 dead lifts using 30kg bar, weighted kickbacks on the machine using a 12.5 kg ankle weight, more weighted kickbacks using an ankle strap-weight. Finish with some side crunches and lie-down leg extensions for abs.
Avocado on toasted courgette bread with grilled tomatoes, 4x tangerines, chocolate protein shake, salad with jerk chicken/broccoli/olives/quinoa/feta, dinner at Bills - naked chicken burger/guacamole/roasted sweet potato chips. There was wine.

Morning workout focusing on core and some glutes --> 3x30 second planks, 2 of them with side leg extensions, 3x15 bench leg raises, side planks, weighted twists using the machine, 2x15 side crunches (on each side), 2x12 (each side) arm extensions using 5kg weights, 3x12 dead lifts using 20kg bar, 3x12 reps on the leg press on 40 kg.
Porridge with almond milk/protein peanut butter/banana, dried mango, chicken nacho stew from Eat, chocolate protein shake, oven roasted salmon/mexican wholegrain rice/salad/guacamole.

Break day (YAY)
Greek yogurt with honey/fruit/granola, home-made protein oat muffin (recipe here!), lunch at London Grind - smoked salmon/avocado/bacon brussels sprouts/wholemeal toast, another protein muffin (WHAT, they're good), grilled chicken/coconut oil roasted sweet potato/grilled broccoli with almond flakes/salad.

--> 15 minutes of high incline running and walking on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the stepper. A mix of abs and bum, including my usual sets of squats, lunges and weighted kick-backs, and weighted leg raises, crunches, side twists and more weighted twists using a machine (18kg).
(CHEAT DAY) Protein pancakes with berries/greek yogurt, GIANT grilled cheese sandwich from food market, 2x cookies from food market, Pizza from Franco Manca and half a tub of cookie dough ice-cream. A few (??) happy hour gin cocktails.

For week two I basically repeat this in a different order, but my meals will stay very similar and I'll do similar exercises, but maybe with different break days (depending on my schedule).

Coffee: I didn't include this, but I have ALOT - mainly white filter coffee, sometimes skinny capp.
Working out on weekends: I go to Pure Gym, and I don't always have time to do a good gym session in the week, so weekends are often a time I can go without being in a rush.
Working out in my work gym: It's useful to have one at work, but it doesn't have amazing machines, so I tend to do more free weights there.
Break days: I aim to go 5 days a week, with two rest days (pre hols), although sometimes it goes to 3 rest days if I'm busy. I never go more than 3 days without a break as it's good for muscles to recover.
Cheat day: Always a Sunday, and it's healthy for my mind and body. If there's nothing to look forward to then I'd just end up eating cr*p every day.

Have any questions, please ask away & make sure you follow me over on insta @zoes.101 so I can share my snaps with you! x


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