Sunday, 21 February 2016


 I am so excited by these little beauties because the original velvets were so good, I actually still carry a couple around in my handbag.
But these are the upgrades because it's a whole range of my favourite shades - reds and nudes. Well done Bourjois! I'm currently sat on the train home coming back from a weekend on the coast in Bournemouth, and the WIFI is just terrible, so I hope the pictures upload and do them justice because these new shades are dreamy.

I mean, LOOK at them. I want them all on my lips right now. But if you're interested to know a bit about them, here are the deets...

They say:
-Matte with a slightly sheer finish
-10 hour wear
-Velvetty formula
-Eight fresh & bright shades
-Feels like a balm on the lips
-Velvet formula taken from their star range, the Rouge Edition Velvets

I say:
A good colour choice, with shades to suit all skin tones. My three favourite picks are the ones shown in my swatch shot below and above: (in order) Cherryleaders - a slightly dark and more red nude, Ravie en Rose - a warm nude, and Coquelie'oh! - a bright, deep red.

The texture feels lovely, and doesn't have that dry effect that some matte lipsticks have. They do feel like balms - more so than the previous, more matte, velvet range, and the colour lasts well. Even when the actual products fades, there's still a tint left on your lips that doesn't budge, even after coffee number 4 (yep, I tried this is the name of beauty for y'all).

Good value, at £8.99 each (from Superdrug and Boots), and they'll be amazing for the summer. They don't launch for another week or so, at the start of March, but do go and check them out because I think you'll like them, too.

Have you tried the original velvet ones? Did you like them?x


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