Friday, 11 March 2016


It may be a little while till summer, but if you need some inspo for a holiday, or if you're just wishful thinking, then you might want to have a looksie at this...
When you're by the pool or out exploring, it's nice to be comfy but still look stylish. I don't like wearing jewellery because it leaves tan lines, and it just gets ruined with water, which is why I've discovered my new favourite things - temporary tattoos. You can just stick them on and wash them off.
Seriously, it'll change your life. Okay, maybe not life, but it'll free up a good amount of baggage weight that you would have spent carrying chunky jewellery. Trust me - give them a go and I guarantee you'll love them. These are the Lottie London Treasure Tats-  and are my faves, because the designs are a pretty mix of quotes, symbols and arrows.

The rest of my outfit is minimal, the playsuit is new out this season from River Island (£20 here), the bag is also a new-inner at Accessorize, and my sunglasses were £3 from Primark!

I love the playsuit because it fits so well, hangs perfectly and the colour is a nice shade of blue - not a wishy washy one. And the bag is just a lovely white leather, and a good size - making it big enough to carry a book and bottle of suncream.

Incase you didn't see yesterday's post, my nail shade is Butter London's new 'Brill' coral pink.

That's all for today beauts, I'm off to sleep. Zzzz. x


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