Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Okay so we're all a little bit over the bank holiday now, but I still had a minor hissy fit when my alarm went off this morning. And because this week sucks, I've rounded up four beautiful things that I promise will cheer you up.
So, if you're a little bit peeved about having to start your post-Easter diet, getting on the sweaty central line, or just the fact that today didn't need to happen, these are for you...

 H&M Home Ambience Candle
If you read my homeware blog from the other week (see here), then you'll know that I am in no way associated with H&M home, I just have a mild obsession with them. This metallic gold candle is just too pretty to light, so it sits on my shelf looking lovely. It's only £3.99 and they do other colours, so give yourself an end-of-month treat and get a couple, because I think they look so chic.

Kitsch hair ties
I love these because the colours are so me. Five shades of neutral tones all in one packet, and they make up-do's and braids look really pretty. I always have one on my wrist, and I almost count it as jewellery because I've had a few people ask where I got them from. The answer - here. They cost £5.56 for the pack. They have ones that say 'but first, coffee', and I think I need them.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Body Oil Spray
The latest release from Estee's Bronze Goddess 2016 fragrance collection (their original perfume is still a favourite of mine). This shimmer oil is the newer version of the 2014 oil spray launch, and it's pink and lovely. It coats your skin with a pearly glow, and has the same scent as the signature perfume. I can't tell you how amazing this looks paired with a summer tan and a beach dress. It's out late next month (25th I believe), so if you're going away for an early getaway, this is my ultimate product recommendation. It'll cost £30 from House of Fraser.

Spectrum Marble Collection brushes
These white and gold brushes are my new obsession. They're the newest launch from brush brand Spectrum, and are very pretty. They are so fluffy and easy to use, and because I like them so much I'm going to do a full review on them, so check back soon and I'll let you know my full thoughts. If you need them in your make-up bag ASAP then they're from the Marble collection, and you can get them online here.

What's been cheering you up this gloomy week? Let me know, especially if it's something to do with binging on left-over chocolate! xx


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