Thursday, 24 March 2016


If you haven't been following my rantings on Instagram about moving, well, I've moved house! As much as I loved my old flat in South London, it just got a little bit crowded, so I've started fresh in a new place - and I've been doing a lot (like, unnecessary amounts) of homeware shopping.
So if you fancy having a nosey at a few of my favourite new things, then have a read. Disclaimer: I was not paid by H&M Home for this post, it just so happens that I have a minor obsession with them. H&M for life.

*Love more dream big cushion: H&M Home (told you!). It's in their new season range so it'll still be online now. It comes as a cover, so you either need to get a pillow or use an old one.
*Faux fur throw: BHS Home. I actually am really impressed with the bedding and cushion options at BHS, considering I'm not a giant fan of their fashion. Honestly, if you're looking for well-priced bedding, have a look there, because the quality is lovely. This throw was only about £30, and has lasted me very well.

Most of this belongs to my housemate, Gabby. She's a dream to live with because she's a fellow blogger (, and as such, has very good taste. I'm not sure where she got the chair, but H&M home have a range of cotton throws (look here), that are all lovely muted greys and nudes, and look perfect draped. And for under £25!

I can't tell you how excited I am about the fact that I have STAIRS. That doesn't happen in London. You're lucky to have a bed, really.
*Lantern candle holder: I love these. I put them all around the house. You just need to put a little tealight in there, and they instantly make a lonely surface look nicer. The one here cost about £2 from Wilko - another bargain place to buy things like candles.

I love this table - it's the reason I moved in with Gabby. Kidding, but it is great. I'll ask her where it's from, but it just makes any accessories we put on it, look even better.
*The HUGE candle: It's from ESPA, and I have a feeling it's the three wick energising one. Neom also do some amazing centre-piece style candles, too.
*The light-up letter board: I was sent this a while ago, and I find it way too fun, considering I am not a 4-year-old. Seriously, get one. They sell them here for £36.

And that's it! Oh and the G and Z candles in the first image are from Next Home. Only £4 each! WIN. I have no idea if this was of any interest to anyone, but if you did like it then drop me a comment below and I'll do some more on bedroom/bathroom style xx


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