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I don't know where they came from, but Frank Body is everywhere at the moment - and not without reason. With cult coffee scrubs loved by bloggers, celebs and even cats (I've seen picture evidence!), they've somehow turned themselves more into a 'lifestyle'.
And I want to be part of it. In fact, I think we all do. They repost some of the prettiest pictures on the internet, and if you're lucky- and you pose with their scrub, then they just might feature your shot. I've tried and so far, failed. But I live in hope of being a Frank girl one day.

Moving on from THAT, I decided it was high-time I gave the range a proper test, to see what all the fuss was about. There are people saying how it cured their eczema - and having very dry and troublesome skin, I was hopeful the Aussie-made scrubs would do wonders for me.
I can't say conclusively they 'cure' skin conditions, because I didn't really have one that needed fixing, but I did find the products made my skin feel a lot softer, and feel more nourished.

Here are the reviews for the four I tried out...

1&2 Coconut Coffee Scrub and the Original Coffee Scrub
I've joined these two together because they're quite similar, except for the obvious addition of coconut. The scrub formula actually looks like coffee, which sounds silly, but I was still expecting those standard scrub beads. But both of them have fine granules, making them less scratchy than the scrubs on the mass market. 

Aside from the coffee, the original version has sweet almond oil, vitamin E and sea salt. That's all. And I love that the ingredient list is so small, because it means it isn't packed with chemicals. If you use it once or twice a week, they also claim is helps the look of cellulite and stretch marks (my thighs really did feel smoother!).
The coconut version smells UH-mazing. It half makes me want a coffee, and half makes me want some coconut chunks. It still has the same roasted and ground coffee as the base, but it also has grape seed oil (an antioxidant), coconut oil (to fight inflammation) and jojoba beads (to gently remove dead skin cells).

If you have relatively normal skin, give the original a go because it's lovely, and slightly cheaper at £11.95, but my personal favourite is the coconut. It took away redness, made my skin soft and glowing, and, well, IT SMELLS OF COCONUTS. That's all. Oh, and that one is £13.95.

3. Body Balm
I wanted this to be as good as the scrubs, and it's not that it WASN'T good, but I didn't find I had too much use for it. I'd much rather use the moisturiser (on to that in a sec), because it's more targeted to me. 

You are, however, only really meant to use the balm as treatment for 'problem' areas. Again, if you had a patch of eczema, do give this a go, because it might be a godsend for you. I need all-over hydration, so I'd rather invest in a good tub of body butter. The balm does go on easily though, is 
quick to rub in, and smells like coconuts. It's £19.95, which is why I'm saying I probably wouldn't be willing to spend it on a balm, but again, each to their own. 

4. Body Butter
Now this is for me - a giant tub of buttery goodness. I keep talking about the smell, but I can honestly say, the range as a whole is just a sensory delight. This butter is thick in consistency, but still easy to apply, you get a lot of product in one tub - and it actually lasts on your skin. It doesn't just fade away and an hour later your skin feels tight and dry again.
I honestly can't rave about this enough, you just have to try it for yourself. It's £15.95, and if you're wondering what's in it - it has green tea, coffee, pomegranate and shea & cacao.
You can have a look at all of the products here. Let me know what you think - I'd be interested to hear if you like the products as much as I do. x


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