Wednesday, 2 March 2016


I am so excited about this new range because it looks pretty, smells good and it's MADE OF CLAY. I mean, that's a first. Clay on your hair.
When I heard about it I was a bit 'yeah okay, clay on your face - maybe - hair, no', but I've been completely won over by it. It's just hit the shops, so if you're toying with the idea of giving them a go, here's everything you want to know.

The range:
-Treats oily roots and dry ends at the same time
-Reduces the damage of over-washing hair
-Is made with three different types of clay - white, to purify oiliness, blue, to hydrate dry ends, and green, to revitalise hair fibres.
- Has four products - a shampoo, conditioner, pre-shampoo mask, and a dry shampoo.

 The funny thing about this is you're meant to use it BEFORE you shampoo, so it can absorb impurities. You need to put it on dry roots and then work it down your ends, section by section. Leave for 5 mins then rinse. It might sound like a bit of an ordeal but it's worth it because it's made my hair feel SO much cleaner and fresher. I wouldn't replace it for my weekly deep conditioning mask, but if I have a spare 10 minutes in the morning, I use this.

 I like the smell of the whole range, it just makes me happy - it's really fresh and clean. It smells like the packaging looks, if that makes any sense! Shampoo as you normally would and it should help tackle oiliness. I have really greasy roots, and have to wash my fringe section each day, but this did make it less dirty-feeling by the end of the day. They say it lasts 72hours, and it didn't quite do that with me, but it did improve it so that I could go every other day without washing. Which is quite something.

Spread this conditioner generously through ends, missing out the roots. This way you get targeted hydration. I use quite a lot - a little more than the amount on my hands above. And if I can, I let it sit for a minute or two. I still use my normal leave-in conditioner after washing it out, but it does make my ends a lot easier to comb through, so I like it.

Over-all I really think this range is pretty amazing, and definitely a first. I bet you a lot of other brands will be jumping on the clay trend very soon.

Have you tried it? What did you think?x


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