Monday, 4 April 2016


...Or just really don't want to. Remember Phoebe trying to run in that Friends episode? I don't even look like that - because nothing about running or jogging sounds appealing to me. So I have decided life is too short, and therefore I won't even bother trying.

Instead, I've tested out a bunch of different ways to get fit, that don't involve a treadmill, or the freezing cold. So if you're looking for some new fitspo, then you might want to give these a go...

1. Gladiators Ready

Don't laugh, this was serious business, and I ACHE already, because I tried a new workout class out this morning. It was with Hunter - yep, from that old TV show, Gladiators - and I high-fived my inner 90's child. That sounds a little weird, but it was fun. Why exactly was I hanging out with Hunter (aka, a very normal sounding James Crossley)? Because he's just about to launch a new gladiator-inspired workout, Gladiators Ready.

It's got the same set-up as a HIIT class, and it only lasts around 20 minutes. The idea is to give your absolute all for four rounds, across 8 or-so different stations. Just to give you an clue, these stations included TIRE throwing, burpees and ring pull-ups. Among others. You're only on each station for 20 seconds before you move - so you might think it's easy - but believe me, I was ready to collapse at the end. If you're keen on giving one of them a go, follow James on Insta (@mrjamescrossley), and he'll be letting everyone know where and when they are.

2. FRAME - Box Fit
There are already existing Frame studios in Shoreditch and King's Cross but they just unveiled the new Victoria one last week. If you haven't been before, and you're the kind of person that likes group classes, this is perfect.
While they offer a few choices, my favourite is the Box Fit (though the ass & abs class is a contender). You don't need boxing skills to ace this workout, because it's just a great combo of cardio, mixed in with jabs, burpees (urgh), dodging, punching and upper-cuts. You might think your arms will kill the next day, and they do, but I was so surprised by just how sore my abs and core were. It proves that boxing does work out your full body.

TIP: Check out their juice bar after, it's full of delicious post-workout re-fuellers.

3. Core Collective - Sculpt

Into more of the yoga and pilates kind of thing? Well, take that and give it a super-charge and you get the Sculpt class. It works to build your flexibility and posture, while giving you a bit of a cardio workout. If you've done Barre before, then it goes by a similar theme, with those kinds of ballet moves.
Don't be fooled though, this isn't for wimps - the first time I tried this, I was in pain for FOUR days after. It just worked different muscle groups than I was used to, and I really think it's a good one to do once a week or once a fortnight, just to get that intense stretch.

What have you been trying out? Any good workouts you'd recommend?x
With Hunter himself at the gladiator workout


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