Saturday, 9 April 2016


Matcha is having a moment, and for a good reason. It's essentially just green tea powder, which means it's packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients, and is put in...well, basically everything these days.
Whether it's a matcha latte, matcha muffins or matcha tea - the green stuff is hotter than ever. So I've written down my favourite way to eat it - and I promise you'll love these healthy chocolate bites too.

What you need...
To make 8-10 little cups you need:

- 1x 100g pack of very dark chocolate (I used 90%)
- 4x tbsp smooth peanut butter
- 1x tsp runny honey
- 3x tsp matcha powder (I'm using my favourite, Mighty Matcha)
- chopped hazelnuts for sprinkling on top
- 10x mini cupcake cases
- 1 tbsp coconut oil (optional - I'll explain in a minute)

- In a bowl, mix together the peanut butter with the matcha powder. It will be quite thick, so to make it a little bit easier to handle, add in a teaspoon of melted coconut oil (if it's really thick) and the teaspoon of honey. Mix together and set aside.

- Break the dark chocolate bar into pieces and microwave carefully, checking it to make sure it isn't burning. When it's all melted, spoon about a teaspoon of melted chocolate into the bottom of each little case, and use the spoon to bring it up the sides. This will stop the peanut butter mix from sticking to the cases when you're turning them out.
Put in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to set.
- Use a teaspoon to spoon in a small amount of peanut/matcha mix into each of the chocolate coated cases. Even the tops of them out as you're going to cover them with chocolate, and you want the surface to be smooth. Make sure you leave a little bit of space for that extra chocolate layer - you don't want them overflowing!
- Use the remaining melted chocolate and spoon a bit on top of the matcha layer for each of the bites. The chocolate should sit evenly, covering all the green bits. Sprinkle with some hazelnut and then place in the fridge to set for half an hour.

-Take them out of the fridge and peel off the cases. Store them in a tub in the fridge until you want to eat them.

Enjoy - and if you fancy giving them a go, please share your snaps with me on Instagram @zoes.101 - I'd love to see!


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