Monday, 18 April 2016


I've known about Birchbox for a while, but I was never that interested in it, if I'm honest. I thought that having a ton of mini bottles and tubes lying around would make my hoarder habits even worse. But I get it now, and if you aren't in the industry where you're being fed products all the time, it's a really good way to try out new beauty bits, without committing to buying full sizes.

You also get to try things that maybe you wouldn't pick out yourself - and who knows, you could end up finding a new favourite brand. With this in mind, I've decided to blog this month's Birchbox so you can get an idea of what kind of thing you get each month.
BIRCHBOX // APRIL RIFLE PAPER CO EDITION // £10 +£2.95 on a monthly subscription

This month's box caught my eye, because the box design is so pretty. You can pick from two - the one I have in the photos is the Jardin de Paris, but there's also a white and green version called Herb Garden. It all focuses on Spring - so you can get your glow back after Winter. 


Kueshi Foot Care Cream // Worth £12 for full size
Not a brand I'd heard of before, but mainly because it's too early in the year for me to look into products that imply I will imminently be getting my feet out. They aren't ready. If you are though, then this will come as a welcome addition.

Benefit Dew The Hoola Bronzer // Worth £22.50 for full size
A lot of us will have heard of this, because it has a 'cult' following behind it. A classic bronzer but in liquid form. More for a glow, than for shimmer.

Parlor Detangling Leave - In Conditioner // Worth £17 for full size
A brand that's still quite new over here, but established in the US. The brainchild of a hair stylist called Jeff Chastain - the products have all got a salon feel, and I'd liken this spray to the 7 Second Detangler by Unite (an all-time favourite of mine).

Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream // Worth 10-£20 for full sizes
A brand that believe in natural products, and I like them. You don't get the fussy packaging, but you do get quality. It's nice that this cream has a tint, because I often wake up to dark circles that definitely need covering with more than moisturiser. 

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner // Worth £11 for full size
She's probably best known for her swimwear, but if you go on her site, the beauty section is really lovely. It hasn't got much in there, but there's some really nice, printed make-up bags, and other essentials, including this pencil liner. Pretty packaging as well.


- If you really love one of the minis, you can get 25% off any of the full-sized versions on
- With this April version, you can also opt to pay £4 extra and get a pocket notebook duo from Rifle & Co (half price what it would normally cost).
- These may not be the EXACT products you get, because they choose your box randomly from a selection of others. Although this month you're guaranteed to get something from Benefit.
-When you subscribe, you'll automatically be delivered a box at the start of every month, until you choose to unsubscribe. 

How do you feel about post-delivered beauty? Does it take the fun out of shopping, or is it a nice way to try new things?x


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