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I like to change my skincare with the seasons - and spring means I don't have to wear such thick & heavy creams. Nope, I'm welcoming in the sunshine with these sunny essentials...
I have some favourites that do stay the same all year round - like I'll usually be using something from Liz Earle, because I have done since I was about 14. But there's been some new launches so I've updated my favourites and given them a little review for you. Tell me your thoughts, I'd love to know what you're all using this season!


I used to use their old Superskin cream, and it was good, but I've tried products with neroli in before (the oils from it are good for healing and hydrating), and I like how bright it makes my skin look. So, I upgraded to this version, and I don't think I'd go back. Considering it's made from oils, it feels really light, and sinks in quickly. It's not too heavy either, so I wear it night and day. 
I'd really recommend getting a sample from their counter, because it's so lovely to use. 


They've just brought this out into the range, and it has come at a good time. I've been thinking for a while that I need to start using an eye cream (sob), and I know this is a range that I can trust to work. It's quite thick, which is good, because I want to feel like a cream is really getting into the little lines under my eyes. I put it on morning and night, but at night I add on more - almost like an under-eye mask! I really think this cream is the reason my concealer sits better on my face these days. Before, when I applied makeup round my eyes, it seemed to create creases I never knew I had - but when I started using this, it was a much smoother base.

Both Liz Earle creams are out now on their site, or at their counters at department stores.


This isn't new, but it's still one of my favourites. I started using it again last month when I went to the launch for Fresh's new rose products - and I can't believe I took it out of my regime. It's just so gorgeous to use - like a cooling, soothing jelly for your skin. It smells amazing, and after 10 or so minutes on, it washes off and makes my skin look and feel in much better and brighter condition. If you want to know about the full rose range, have a read of my review from the other week here. I promise, it's a brand that's worth the slightly higher price.


Again, it's not new, but I couldn't write a favourites post without including it - because it is my absolute skincare favourite. Ever. I did a full range review here, for the new travel set, but just to re-cap - it has the consistency of a thick oily balm, but as soon as it touches your skin, it melts. It smells lovely and really gets rid of all the grime off your face. It also has vitamin E and wild sea fennel in it, which are both used in skincare to brighten, calm and soothe. Get a mini pot of this and try it because I really think you'll love it too.


If you think of L'Occitane, do you just picture a pricier version of the Body Shop? So did I, and I actually only really knew them because I kept getting given their hand creams for Christmas. But if you really look at the brand, they have a lot of clever creams - for more than just hands! The divine cream has been around for a while, and has racked up some loyal followers on the way.
Why is it so expensive? Because they say is has a formula like no other, that corrects ALL signs of ageing - from elasticity to the tone. And a lot of people do agree, but I never paid much attention because heavy anti-ageing isn't really my concern (yet) - but when they brought out the SPF version a few months ago, I tried it.
AND I love it. I needed a cream for spring with SPF in anyway, and I wanted one that could fix my patchy-prone skin. I'll often wear this in the day, and when I wash my make-up off at night, I can really tell the difference in tone from that morning. 


I thought I'd include an actual SPF into my roundup, incase any of you are going on holiday and need a recommendation. This one is a dry oil, which I liked, because I hate the feel of thick suncreams on my face. It genuinely smells of holidays and sunshine as well, if that's at all possible. It sinks in quickly and when I went to Antigua last month, I used it and never got a sunburn. 
It's also meant to fight photoageing, so you don't look wrinkly and patchy after a lot of sun exposure.
It can even be used in your hair, to protect your scalp and colour. So if you want a good all-rounder, I'd save luggage space and pick this one.

Do you have any new favourite creams for spring? Let me know below!x


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