Tuesday, 12 April 2016


I was loving nude lips even before Kylie came up with her Lip Kits, and the MAC Mocha lipstick became the holy grail of all shades. That's mainly because I think nudes are flattering, easy to wear and you can never really go wrong with them.

These four are new to my make-up bag, but I've been using them to death. So whether you like matte, glossy or something with a bit of sheen, you'll love one of these...

MAC Mineralize Glass // Shade: Be Nice // £20

I was slow on joining the MAC hype, and even now, I'd rather use the likes of Nars for lipsticks (seriously good matte ones), but I do understand just why they sell out consistently. And while they have some pretty mattes as well, I really like their lip glasses. With around 18 shades and three nice nudes, there's a lot of choice. 

The one I'm wearing is Be Nice, and it's like a tinted gloss. It doesn't completely cover the natural shade of my lips, but it makes them look plumped and rosier. I don't always like glosses because I hate that 'hair sticking to my lips' nightmare, but the Mineralize glasses don't feel sticky. My day-wear go-to.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet // Shade: Nude-ist! // £8.99

This isn't new, it's a classic from Bourjois - although, they did just launch a whole new range of 'Souffle' takes on the originals (I blogged them all with swatches here.) But this is still, by far, one of my favourite ever products. It's not too matte, but it isn't a gloss - and it doesn't feel drying, but it doesn't feel sticky either. If you haven't tried the range, go into Boots and give one a go, because I don't know anyone that doesn't like them.

It feels like a mousse and it lasts nicely. Although, it does take some re-applying in the day, but I don't mind. The nude is so flattering.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer // Shade: Serene // £3

I took the whole range of these velvet lip colours on holiday with me, and I spent the whole week swapping between all the 10 shades, and I never got bored. As much as I adore Reckless - a deep red - the shade I found myself wearing more than the others was the light nude, Serene.

When you apply the colour, it goes on wet, so you have about 30 seconds to play with it before it dries. I'd recommend making sure your edges are neat and then filling in the rest, because it's hard to scrub off! It does give you a full matte effect - but surprisingly it doesn't make my lips FEEL dry. For such a small price as well, I really think they're giving other pricier ones on the market a run for their money.

Clinique Pop Lacquer Lip Colour & Primer // Shade: Nude Pop // £16

Now these ARE brand new. I'm a big fan of the Chubby Sticks from Clinique, and I think they may have made a gloss to match with this range. It also doubles up as a lip primer, so that you get around 6 hours of wear from each coat. I drink far too much coffee for anything to withstand past 11am - but for a gloss, it really did stay put.

This gives slightly more of a colour coverage than the MAC one, and it does feel a little heavier. Not in a bad way, but if you don't like the feel of something on your lips, this may not be for you. I love layering it over a lipstick when I go out. It just makes my lips look like they're really plump.

What's your favourite nude? I'm always on the look-out for more!x

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