Thursday, 21 April 2016


 I took quite a few beauty bits away with me last month, because I had the time to give everything a good try. Some of them I was expecting to love, like the Nars Body Glow, but these balms turned out to be my most-used item.
Haven't heard of Bagsy? They've only just started making waves these past few month, and but haven't just faded into the dark pit of unrecognition, like so many new brands often do. They have catchy packaging, an easy-to-remember name - and are genuinely very nice quality.


A lip balm is just a lip balm, right? No, don't settle boring, because these days you can get so much more from a balm. Whether it's the texture, colour, tint or even scent - there's a balm for everything, and sometimes on a hot summer day, you don't want to be wearing a full-on lipstick. That's where these two come in..

The Lemon Lustre..
I love the taste of this. Okay, so I'm not eating it or anything, but it just has this amazing citrus scent. It doesn't colour your lips, but it does make them look really nice and shiny - without getting the stickiness that comes with a gloss. It has beeswax and castor oil in it, so even when it's washed off, your lips still cary on feeling soft.

The Raspberry...
It has the same ingredients as the lemon, but this time it has a raspberry fragrance and gives your lips a pop of berry. I used this one a lot when I was away, because I don't like wearing too much make-up on holiday, and the colour was really flattering, but it make me look like I had gone over-board on the lipstick for a day on the beach!

If you're looking for a new summer beauty range to try, do have a look at Bagsy over on Feelunique. Aside from being an Instagram dream, I promise the products work. I can recommend their Hair Wonder Dry Shampoo - I'm a little bit in love with it.

Have you tried them before? Let me know what you think!x



  1. They look so cute :) Never tried anything from them before but I will (cheap,super cute & you say that they work)

    1. They really are good! Let me know how you get on x


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