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I never really bought into the whole 'supp' thing. I just figured that by eating healthy, I was getting what my body needed. But it's not that easy, and so many of us these days are deficient in something or other. Whether it's iron, vitamin D or B - the point is, we don't just always get our daily amounts from food alone.
So I started to look into what was actually worth taking on a daily basis, rather than buying a ton of pricey pills that I'll use once or twice, then will stay hidden at the back of a cupboard for the rest of their short-lived days. So, these are what I've got it shortlisted to.
Organic Burst Spirulina
For: Tiredness, lack of concentration, constant snacking

Yes, those weird blue-ish looking tablets, and to put you off even more - they're actually a form of algae. But you can't taste them and they are amazing little things.
Spirulina is an up and coming supp, and I swear by it. Aside from boosting your energy, it helps you curb cravings (the tablets are seriously high in proteins), balance your nervous system (to make you feel more zen), and up your iron and vit B12 count. I've taken 4 pills a day for a few months, and I really do feel like I have more energy and better concentration. If you're using it to help you stop snacking, you can take up to 8 a day

Price: £17 from here. They ship worldwide, so if you want these particular ones, that's where I got 'em. If you don't want to order and wait for them, go check out your local health food shop - lots of brands offer their own versions (but the OB packaging is just so pretty!).
Hairfollic Woman (the pink three)
For: Thicker, stronger and quicker-growing hair

Have I mentioned that I really don't like my hair? It's no secret that I'm usually wearing some form of extensions, and I get so paranoid that I'm going to damage my hair. Why do I wear them then? Because I've always had fine hair that literally, does nothing. At all. Just kind of sits there. So I thought I'd look into ways I could strengthen it, while still being able to give it a boost with extensions. I started taking Hairfollic after a model I met on a shoot told me she'd completely got her hair back in shape from taking them. I've popped two a day, morning and night, for 6 months, and I can see a change. It's still early days because your hair grows in cycles, so you might not see a change for half a year to a year, but I've noticed it breaks less when I brush it, and the new hair coming through at the roots feels a lot more dense. My eyelashes also look thicker. 
I really think that for general hair maintenance, these are the best things you can take. It's worth the money, or if you're overly involved with your hair (like me) - then it is.

Price: £18.95 for 30 tablets from Vitabiotics
VITL (the yellow box)
For: basically everything

I am really bad at remembering to take tablets, and I don't like carrying around chunky boxes in my handbag. Which is why I use these handy strips from VITL (seriously, genius idea). They have the days labelled on them and you can tear one of two off and take them with you. It's all measured out for you, as well, so you don't have to worry about how many to take or when.
For each day you get a multivitamin, a krill oil, COQ10 (helps energy metabolism), and a super greens. Between the four of them, you're basically covered on all your major vitamins and anti-oxidants - so it's a good all rounder..
I really like that there's a krill oil in it, because usually you would get a standard fish oil - and krill oils gets absorbed much better by your body.

Price: £35.95 for a month supply, and they'll send you another box each month. Check it out here if you're interested.

What do you take? Anything I'm missing? x


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