Monday, 25 April 2016


I feel like I'm being a little slutty with my fragrances this season. The other month I couldn't get enough of the new Calvin Klein spray, and last week I was in the midst of a strong obsession with Zarko's Pink Molecule. And while I do still adore both, I know this newly-launched scent from Clean is going to be my summer favourite.
Have you heard of them before? They were popular a couple of years ago, because they realised how much we all love the smell of fresh laundry, so they designed a few fragrances around that idea. And it's really taken off. Shockingly, we all just like feeling, well, fresh.

Which is why, when I saw their little white bag waiting for me, I knew it would be something good. And by good, it happened to be NINE new fragrances. Oh yes, not one, but nine. And all of them are lovely. The collection is called 'Reserve', and all the scents are based around eco-concious harvesting methods and raw ingredients (hence the nice little wooden tops).

Want to know what these 9 magical scents are? 'Course you do...

- Blonde Rose
- Sueded Oud
- Warm Cotton
- Smoked Vetiver
- Rain
- Terra Woods
- Skin
- Velvet Flora
- Amber Saffron

And the one I have, my personal favourite, is 'Rain'. Although Skin and Terra w
Woods are a close second and third.

CLEAN RESERVE RAIN // £79 // SpaceNK (direct link)

Describing a fragrance is hard, especially when it's such a personal thing. I love the smell of Burberry Brit, it's heavy and sensual, but I have a friend who can't stand it - she says it gives her a headache. The point here is, you may not like the same smells that I do, but with this range, I really think it covers ALL of us - because we do all like the smell of cleanliness, new towels, fresh sheets - and if you don't, well, have you tried Burberry Brit?

But seriously, this range is delightful (a word I reserve usually for food-based goods). If I could live in a world that smelled of rainfall, freshly washed skin and woods - I'd be happy. But they aren't gimmicky smells either - no, they aren't bad copies of the actual smells that you love - they really do smell like the real deal. The 'Rain' for example, reminds me of somewhere hot, where the sun has been out for ages and then it just pours down. And when it clears, there's that waft of plants, fresh air and clean washing. This is that smell. And when you spray it, it grows. I mean, you smell it when it goes on your skin, but in the day, when you turn your head or your hair moves, it hits you again and you wonder who smells that good? It's you!

This has turned much more into a story than I'd anticipated when I took the pictures. But what I want to get across to you all is just how happy this fragrance makes me. It may be slightly pricey, but go and have a spritz and I promise, by the end of the day, you'll go back for the bottle.

Do you have a favourite smell that takes you back to a nice time or place? I know I do!x


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