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Fancy getting your hands on a full-sized Foreo Luna 2 cleansing device for oily skin, AND the teeny little PLAY version that launched, err, yesterday? You can! I've got a brand new baby blue pair to give away. Here's how you can nab them..
If you don't already follow me on Instagram, head over to @Zoes.101, give me a follow then comment 'YES' on the Foreo photo. Simples. I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow morning, so get  commenting.

If you don't know much about Foreo, then here's what you'll want to know about the two devices..

FOREO LUNA 2 // £149 

-It launched in mid Feb, and is the second newest creation from the brand 
-You can buy four different models, depending on your skin type. There's one for oily skin, sensitive, normal and combination.
-The brush on this model is 50% bigger than the other versions (except the minis!), which means it allows quicker and more effective cleansing.
- There's 12 different vibration modes - you can use it on the lower levels for an anti-ageing buff, or on the higher ones if you want to dislodge oil and dirt from your pores.
- It's made of silicone and is waterproof, so you can take it in your shower.
-Long battery life, so you won't always have to be charging it (although a charger is included in the box).

Have I mentioned I have sensitive skin? Yes, so I shall not go into details on this. The reason I bring this up is because when I first got my Luna, I used it twice a day because I was completely over-excited by the idea of BRUSHING my face. Such fun. But I found it was too much for my skin, so I've cut it down to twice a week as a deep clean - and that works for me. You might be different, but you don't have to use it morning and night religiously. I like that it times out a minute for you, so you don't over cleanse, and it's also nice that you can use your own cleanser with it - they haven't tried to claim you MUST use it only with a specific one. 

I clean my skin with a micellar wipe then splash my face with warm water, to open my pores. While my skin is still damp, I apply a creamy cleanser (Liz Earle cleanse & polish), and turn my Luna on. I make sure all of my skin has been covered by the brush, and then I go over the areas again - especially on the t-zone, where I tend to get some blocked pores. It switches off, then I splash my face with cold water to shut the pores, then pat with a towel and finish with a moisturiser. VOILA.


-It's about the size of a cotton pad
-Is just as effective as the larger size, and removes %99.5 of dirt and oils from your skin
-Comes in 8 bright shades
-You'll get around 100 uses out of it, as this version doesn't come with a charger.
-Perfect if you want to trial a device, without committing to the price tag of the full-sized versions.
-Is seriously cute.

This really is adorable, isn't it? I like that they've marketed it as a travel device, because that's what it's perfect for. If you've got a week or a weekend away, and you want to take something that'll calm down an un-planned breakout (holiday ruiner!), then this is great. It's small so it takes longer to work your way across your complexion, so sometimes I turn it on again after the first minute times out, and give it another go. 
If you're going away somewhere hot, where you'll be applying suncreams and lotions, then this is so good, because it completely rids all that sticky product from your pores at the end of the day.

If you like the sound of this cleansing duo, head over to my Instagram page and enter the competition! Have a great weekend all x


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  1. Oh my,sooo cute! And you can wear it everywhere with you :D
    Thanks for the chance


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