Friday, 13 May 2016


Going away somewhere pretty? It's totally fine to want to look your best in vacation photos - whether it's for your Insta, or just to make a certain someone notice you (oh yes, you know you do!).
The point is, getting a good snap can be tricky, especially if your hotel has an all you can eat buffet. Believe me, it makes bikini shots a whole lot trickier. So I've written down all the best tips I've been told, and tried myself, that make taking a seriously flattering photo easy-peasy. Have a read!


If you're getting someone else to take a photo for you, get them to move around a bit. A lot of the time, we take a shot straight on, or angled slightly downwards - which really isn't always that flattering. Ask them to kneel down and take the photo so the camera is angled a little bit upwards. Not so that it looks up your nostrils or anything, but just a little bit. I find the upward tilt is much more flattering on the face because it catches more of the light than directly on. 


This is a new trick I learnt from a model, this week. If you're doing a full body shot and you want your legs to look super long - go on your tip toes. Taking a photo with flat feet may make you look slightly short or stumpy, but my making your toes more ballerina-like, you can make yourself look a lot leaner. If you don't want to point both toes, try just the one at the front.


If you want to show off an amazing new bikini, but you're not entirely confident with the way your stomach looks, try bringing one of your hands slightly down in front of it. Your hand shouldn't be resting on your tummy, just a few inches away from it. Keep the hand soft (not claw like), and use the other to take the photo. Attention successfully detracted.


In one of my photos I had a really annoying yellow arm band-type thing in the background. It didn't look right and my photo skills aren't good enough to make it vanish. My trick? Change the colour of it. I use an app called Facetune, and by selecting the 'whiten' function, you can lighten the background, and any offending object in it. Yellow to white in just a few seconds! This also works when you're taking product shots - I find the lighter the background, the better they stand out.


Thigh gaps are so last season, but having lengthy legs is still ideal - especially if you're trying to show them off in a photo. I've found the best way to make mine appear longer and slimmer than they are, is by placing one leg slight behind the other. Not so that they cross, just the foot goes slightly further back than the other. Put your weight on the front leg and the tense from the ball of your foot will make your calfs look a little bit more toned, too. It also works if you dip one of your knees a little and slightly point the toe on the forward leg. 


This is a well known trick, but incase you're wondering why your shots aren't looking as bright and fresh as some others, it may be because you're not facing the right way. Angle your face so it's looking directly at the window, or towards the sun - or your face will have shadows, which create shadows under your eyes. Put your phone on camera and turn yourself around until your skin looks at its best, then get snapping.


Hair not looking its best? Or maybe you just really can't be bothered to put make-up on to take a shot of your outfit. That's fine, just crop the shot a little. Show off your legs in a pair of cute shoes and ignore your upper half completely. Not every photo has to be full length - zooming in on shoes or accessories means you can see more of the details. This works especially well if you're posting on Instagram.


Whether you're taking a photo of yourself, or of pretty products or accessories, you need a background that won't detract from what you're showing. If you have a theme, stick to it. Me, for example, I keep all my backgrounds as light and airy as possible. Find a tile with a nice print and take a snap of a pair of killer earrings - or use the white background to your advantage and really focus the attention on you. 
There's nothing worse than a messy backdrop, so clear up any offending old socks before you get snapping.


Sometimes, for whatever reason, your face just does NOT want to look pretty. But if your in an amazing location and want a shot, then use your hair to your advantage. Get someone to take the shot from the side, with your hair falling over your face. You can still get that amazing view in, without actually having to worry about your expression. This works particularly well when the sun is too strong to keep your eyes open.

// GET A MANI //

This might also sound obvious, but whenever I'm on holiday, I'm always snapping pictures holding cocktails, beauty products or selfies with my nails on show. The worst is when you get a good shot, but your nails are all chipped. Avoid ruining a perfectly good picture by getting shellac or a gel mani a few days before you go. I promise, it's one of the best pre-holiday investments. 

I hope some of these were useful. Do you have any tricks to share? Send them my way by leaving me a comment below! xx



  1. Your blog is so on point! These are all great tips :) I never feel confident in a photo when someone else is taking it, but I'll have to keep these in mind :)

    1. Aw thanks! I know what you mean, it's so much more comfortable being behind the camera!x


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