Thursday, 19 May 2016


I honestly swear by Kerastase, and literally, ever collection they bring out - my hair loves. I can't decide if this is my favourite one, but there's no doubt it's a good'un.

I say it isn't my favourite because I still use the Bain Divalent (the one in the white and silver tubs), and I'm obsessed with how soft it makes my hair. But the Volumifique still takes pride place on my shower shelf, and here's why...


- There's 4x products - a shampoo, gel treatment, a styling spray and a styling mousse. There's also a 'Ciment Thermique' milk (see my review below).
- The shampoo and gel work on an 'ampliflex' system, so that when you wash your hair and it touches water, there's an actual thickening effect of the individual follicles.
-It's targeted for fine hair, so it coats it without weighing it down.
-Designed as a 3-step system, which you would get in the salon.


I have lots of hair, though it still lies pretty flat. I mention this because buying shampoos is an expensive thing as I get through tubs pretty quick - and this shampoo comes in a particularly small tub. I'd love to say it goes a long way, but I don't think it does - you need a good dose.
Maybe if you have less hair, this would last you longer, but this is just my one word of caution.
The actual shampoo smells really good, that classic Kerastase/salon scent. It really does make my hair feel clean and when I've dried and styled it, my fringe section looks less gappy, and the individuals hairs certainly do feel more 'plumped'.


I was a little confused by this because I was all like 'is it a conditioner? What even is a gel? What do I do with it?' but as it turns out, it takes the place of a conditioner and acts as a more intensive treatment. You're meant to wash your hair twice with the bain (huh? No, who has time for that?) and then apply a pea-sized amount of this, wait a few minutes and rinse out.
It doesn't feel like a standard conditioner, because of the gel texture, so I honestly didn't think it would do any kind of hydrating, but once I'd dried it, my ends felt really soft. 
I don't use this every time I wash my hair as I still like a thick conditioner, but if I'm going out and I want to curl my hair, then I use this because it holds the style really well.


I really think this is the star product. While the shampoo and treatment did make my hair feel thicker and in good shape, I can actually notice a difference when I don't use this when I'm blowdrying. If I haven't put a dollop on before I get out my hairdryer, my hair doesn't feel quite so soft, and it definitely doesn't brush or style as easily. 
This doesn't have the volume claim that the others do, so although it's in the Resistance collection, it doesn't come up with the other products when you do a search for it. I'm guessing this is because it launched later.

The range isn't new, but I wanted to give it a full review for anyone who wanted a good hair-care recommendation. It's all available on Feelunique, as well. 
Have you tried it? Let me know what you think of it, or if you have a favourite Kerastase product x


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