Sunday, 26 June 2016


How is it nearly the end of June and I'm doing another favourites? Summer needs to slow down. Actually, Summer in London needs to actually just appear, because I'm a little bit over looking like I've entered a wet t-shirt contest every time I walk into work in the mornings.
But as cloudy as it is, there's still make-up in the world - and more specifically - Marc Jacobs highlighters, Hourglass primers and mink lashes. So, you know, it could be worse.

These three look beautiful, and have been making my face a lot happier this month, so if you want to know the deets and my thoughts, scroll down.


I usually stay away from cream highlighters because I find they often make my skin look too cakey. My regular one is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder, and I swear by it. In fact, I've got all my friends hooked on it. But have you ever wondered how those girls on Instagram get such a flawless highlight? Yes, airbrushing, but I've also found that this product gives that kind of a look. 
Swipe it across the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and dot it on you eyebrow arches and cupid's bow - and I swear, even if your skin isn't flawless, it will make it light up.
I use it on nights out when I want to pump up the whole highlight look. It's pretty amazing.
Can we also just appreciate the fact that it's in a wind up container? Like a lipstick - which makes it perfect for carrying around.
The texture isn't sticky either, and when it goes on the skin, it feels slightly powdery - which is good, because no one wants their hair to stick to their cheeks.

MINK & CO LUXURY MINK LASHES in DIJON // £22.99 // Mink & Co online

I have this trick I do with all make fake lashes - I just snip off about 1/3 of the length and apply the remaining bits of them to the outer corners of my eyes. That way, you can kind of turn any lash into a more wearable one. These though, are just amazing. They feel so soft, and because they're so weightless, they are the easiest to apply.
These ones are called Dijon, from the flutter collection - and I don't even have to cut them up. If you like the wide eye look, and don't like thick and heavy lashes, then these are worth investing in. I've had them for a few weeks, and all I do is peel off the old glue and re-wear them. 


I can't do a make-up round-up without giving my faves Hourglass a mention. I know they're pricey but I honestly can't fault anything they bring out. This primer range was the one that actually got me into wearing a primer on a daily basis. In the collection there's three different bases - a dim light (the one I have here), a mood light and a luminous light. The reason the dim light is my favourite, is because it has a beige tint to it, that neutralises red tones. Like a pre-foundation, but with all the priming benefits. 
I've found, since I've been using this, my skin has looked a whole lot healthier and smoother. It makes my foundation glide on, and stay on, and on days when I don't really want a full face of make-up, I just apply a bit of this and it makes me look a lot more awake than if I'd worn no base at all.
If you have darker skin, I'd recommend going for the luminous light version, because it gives this amazing glow, without adding any beige tint. And for sallow-looking or yellow-toned skin, the mood light is perfect, because it gives a rosy finish. None of them make you look overly highlighted, or sparkly, they just bring out the best in your natural skin.

Have you tried any of these - do you love them too? Let me know below! x


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