Monday, 13 June 2016


I've just noticed the T on the body lotion is the wrong way round. Apologies for anyone who is as OCD as me. Moving on from THAT, I would like to introduce you all to this pretty pastel collection from Ted Baker.
You may have already spotted it in Boots, because it's just launched, but if you haven't - well, I've got all the deets on this sugar-sweet new collection. I say sugar sweet because it actually is. The butterfly scent is back by popular demand, having first hit the shelves back in 2012.

It's had a bit of a make-over and a spruce up these past few years, and has returned in the form of this  four-piece pamper range. There's a lip balm, a body wash, a body spray and a shimmer soufflé. They've all got the same distinctive smell (even the lip balm) - of bergamot, patchouli and red fruit. 

If you like sweet smells, this collection is definitely for you. I prefer vanilla and woody scents, but I can't resist these - especially since they look so summery. The body spray is probably too sweet for me to wear, but that's just a personal thing, but the lip balm is lovely, and if you scroll down and have a look at the shimmer body cream - it's actually pretty amazing. It lights your whole skin up, without making it too glitzy looking. I'll be smothering that on my legs when I get a tan (when the sun comes out). 

The body spray 
The lip balm 
The body wash
The soufflé
A really easy-to-spread texture - unlike a lot of body butters
Look at that gleam
// PRICES //

Body Spray // £7
Lip Balm // £5
Body Wash // £8
Body Shimmer Soufflé // £10

What do you think - do you use anything from Ted Baker? x


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