Sunday, 12 June 2016


Happiness is a funny thing, and a lot of the time we pretend to be happier than we actually are. Whether we answer 'good thanks!' when someone asks how we've been (when in actual fact everything seems to be falling apart), or when we're just having one of those weeks, but we keep up a front anyway.
The point it, no one is ever really 100% happy all of the time and some days, or some weeks, it can be easy to slip into a self-depricating mood. And yes, some shitty days can be fixed with wine and a 90's rom-com, but on others, you need something a little bit stronger. No, not vodka - although no judgement there - I'm talking about some wise words from wise people who have made it their mission to help get you out of a slump.

Self help books aren't what they used to be - and they come in all shapes and forms now. The three I'm talking about today are all different, but will all help you boost your day-to-day happiness. I use, love, and read, all three - and I think they might give you a helping hand too.

1. THE 100-DAY HAPPINESS PLANNER // £20 each //

What is it?
You use it in the same way you would a normal planner - but instead of planning out your jobs, you get to organise your happiness.

It's got room for you to write goals, organise your thoughts - like what makes you happy and what doesn't - and gets you working out ways to spend more time on what you love, and less on makes you annoyed or unhappy. It's got words of wisdom for each day, and space for you to pen down weekly goals.

If you want to make some changes to your life but you're not sure where to start, order one of these because it's really good for getting you to stick to plans and goals. And also, have I mentioned how pretty they are? I've got a pink and a blue one but they come black, white, purple - you get the picture.


 What is it?
A calendar with a bit of a twist  - it's got funny notes on every month to make you smile. It just makes a change from every other calendar with blank days. When you flip the page every month, I promise it will make you smile.
I keep mine on my desk and on my June list is 'make millions'. Okay, I might not conquer that in a month but at least it's ambitious.

3. GET HAPPY by ANTHONY GUNN // £7.99 //

Is it just me, or have we all just lost interest in books? Maybe not interest, but definitely time to read them. When I go to bed, I'm scrolling through Instagram, and when I wake up or when I'm on the tube, I'm editing a photo or on Twitter. The only time I get through a whole book is on holiday, and that makes me really sad. Which is why I've started reading this.

This little book is filled with 120 tips on how to get happy, be happy and feel happier. It's really cute, and impossible to read it without smiling. Take it with you on the tube or something, and you'll be in a better mood.


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