Tuesday, 5 July 2016


I've just come back from an amazing overnight stay with Weleda, in Derbyshire, so I thought I'd share my snaps with you all. Y'know, in case you're interested in river-side yoga, giant beds and one perfect looking stack of pancakes.
I've actually just made myself hungry thinking about those breakfast pancakes. Though it was supposed to be a healthy, fresh overnighter - there was some indulgence as well!
If you don't know where Derbyshire is (I actually didn't, but it's near the Peak District), it's about 2 hours north of London, and I stayed at the prettiest boutique B&B called Hayeswood Lodge, near Derby town centre. 

The best kind of beauty presents left in the B&B bathroom for me! 
When they leave a gooey brownie with 'eat me' on it, I will!
I'm so used to London hotels, so when we pulled up outside this little B&B, I was amazed because there was a) a whole lot of foliage, and b) it didn't look big enough to house many of us. It turns out that there are just four boutique rooms, each named differently. My room was called 'Willow' and it was decked out with wood panels, a marble bathroom, and even a mini fold-away kitchen.

The way I look at coffee is quite frankly, romantic.
The bed. I can't begin to describe how comfy it was, and I honestly think that's the best night's sleep I've had in ages. 

Them pancakes though.
Breakfast was on point as well, and I went for the coffee (obvs) and home-made blueberry pancakes with fruit. But if you like traditional cooked breakfasts, they had that too. I felt like I deserved the pancakes because a few of us got up at 7am to do an outdoor yoga class. It was a little too cold to stay in the downward dog for very long, but being outside under the trees and next to the pond was so relaxing.

Al fresco yoga. Slugs included.
The rest of the day I spent wandering around the Weleda gardens. We were showed all the plants that go into making some of their hero products, and it was nice to see just how natural the brand is. Everything is sourced from plants or seeds, and because of that, their creams and lotions smell like all the oils.

My favourite new handbag essential is their Skin Food (like the queen, its just celebrated its 90th birthday!). It so packed full of awesome ingredients like calendula (great for reducing skin inflammation), chamomile and beeswax. They've recommended I use it on some of the eczema patches on my arms, so I'm really excited to see if it makes a difference. I'll definitely keep you posted on that.

I so wish I could have stayed another night in the big comfy bed, but alas, work calls. If you're looking for a mini break in the UK, then I can't recommend Hayeswood enough. I haven't done a product revue of Weleda's range, but if you're interested in anything I've snapped here, let me know below and I can do a full review in another post.

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