Sunday, 31 July 2016


Masks are a hot topic right now, and everyone seems to be launching their own versions. This gorgeous bunch is the new mineral trio from Vichy.
They came looking very pretty, with my initials on an eye mask as well - and I can never resist anything pastel coloured. Aside from looking cute - they also do some pretty amazing things when you slap them on your face.

All three are made with mineral water (meant to purify and rebalance your skin), and each of the three targets different skin types. There's a purifying clay mask for oily/blemish prone skin, a quenching mineral mask for dry/sensitive skin, and a double glow peel mask for skin that needs brightening. Between the three, there will be one that fixes your skin woes. so I've been trying out all of them to help you pick the right one...


I've started with this one because it's my favourite. I've used clay masks for ages, and they do really well at absorbing oils, but this is like the clay mask reinvented. It feels thinner when I apply it, as opposed to the thick, goopy regular ones. Some of the masks that are made for clearing spots or cleaning pores are quite harsh, and they always sting my skin when I put them on. This doesn't do that, and it even has aloe vera in, so when I wash it off, my skin still feels soft, not completely stripped of all moisture. I've used this a few times now and for the few days following, my skin always looks a lot clearer, and the pores less noticeable.


This has got to be the most eye-catching one, and its texture is like a gel, which I haven't seen much in masks. It's a bit like applying that gel aftersun to your face - but of course, it's doing much more sciency stuff. It has vitamin B3 in it - which is meant to make your complexion brighter - and glycerin, to cool and soothe.
It actually does make a pretty amazing aftersun face mask, because it takes down redness, but it also has been working wonders for when my skin is dry - like after a few hours on a plane or in an air-conditioned office. I do see a glow straight after washing it off.


This is probably the most interesting of the three, because it works as an exfoliating face mask. Though, when I first read it, I thought it was one of those you could peel the actual product off your skin - but by peel, they mean a skin peel, not the texture of the mask. The peel part comes from the AHAs in it, which are essentially fruit enzymes that gently exfoliate old layers of skin. It's also got volcanic rock, which is meant to get rif of impurities.
This is the least suited to my skin type, because I have really sensitive skin, so putting any kind of acid on it is a really bad idea. I did ask my friend to give it a test for me though, and she raved about it. Her skin type is normal/combination, and she said she had a couple of blemishes the morning after using it, but then had amazing skin for a week. Sometimes when you put something good on your skin, it brings out all the dirt and oils and you can have a flare-up, but it goes away quickly.

What do you think of the new collection? Will you be trying out any of them? Remember the new craze is to multi-mask (applying different masks to different parts of your face, depending on what those areas need), so you could mix and match these three. For example, if you have sensitive skin around your eye area, but big pores on your forehead and nose - put some of the clay mask over the blemishes, and some of the quenching around you eyes.



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  1. Vichy is one of my fav skincare brands and their peel mask is superb. I really like it as it has worked as a hyperpigmentation treatment for my blemishes and uneven skin tone.


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