Sunday, 3 July 2016


I get sent a lot of lipstick. And I never get bored of playing around with new shades, but I have a style that I always come back to, and that would be long-lasting, nude, matte lips. It might seem boring, but I feel comfortable in it, and it's my go-to.

So when I see a new matte range out, I tend to bypass all the bright shades and go straight for the nude pink- and this new range of Luxe Matte Lip Velours have the best selection of colours. It's not that there are thousands, but each colour is lovely - even the bright reds and maroons. I wouldn't necessarily wear them all, but different colours work for different people. So, to celebrate this range launching onto Asos, I've put down my thoughts on my three favourite shades from the collection.

// About //
*US brand Winky Lux has just launched exclusively on Asos over here in the UK
*These lip velours come in pinks, nudes, reds and brights
*They cost £13 each
*They all have a soft mousse texture and a matte pigmented finish
*The colour is long-lasting and doesn't bleed

I really love this range, and it's so nice to find a matte lipstick that feels almost balm-like when it goes on, but still has a shine-free finish. I've put this on in the morning, had a few coffees and all that - and it still tints my lips until lunch-time. 

My three favourite shades are City - a deep plum, Babe - a dark pinky nude, and Heart - a classic deep red.

As much as I would love to think I'd wear the red and the plum, I just know I'll use the nude the most. But if you have a festival coming up, then have a look at this brand, because they've even got a 'mermaid' group of these lipsticks - which are so perfect for parties this summer.

The nude 'babe'
What are your favourite lip shades? xx


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  1. Babe looks amazing on you!! Perfect shade for every occasion (in my opinion)


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