Thursday, 25 August 2016

Aromatherapy Associates new Inner Strength cleansing balm & oil review

I love cleansers, especially the balm ones. It always feels like they get more dirt off my skin. This one came in a pretty pink box, so I was basically sold at first sight.
There's an oil as well. I don't want to give all the credit to the balm, because they are both equally as nice looking - it's just I'm not a massive user of oils. But I've given them both a try, so have a read of thoughts if you're looking for some good new skincare.


It's designed for sensitive skin and minds. Oh yes, a treat for both your insides and outsides (that sounds a little strange, ignore that). The scents and ingredients in this range are made to calm and protect skin from any environmental and emotional stress. The packaging is simple, and everything smells natural and lovely. 
There's 5 products in the range - a cleansing balm, a facial oil, a soothing serum, a skin recovery moisturiser and a soothing repair mask. It's not cheap, and prices start at £40, but you do get a very spa-like feel from using them.


Like I said, I love balm cleansers. They melt so easily onto the skin, and when you massage them in, it feels like you're getting rid of all the dirt that's piled up through the day. This is a little tricky to squeeze out of the tube, but when it hits the heat from your face, it melts quickly. I actually prefer it in a tube rather than a pot, because it feels more hygienic this way, and it's not as easy to apply too much.
It smells so good. Like that smell when you walk into a spa or a really expensive candle shop (yep, classy). It's got a load of omega oils in it, including evening primrose oil - and there's chamomile for extra soothing. You just massage it in then rinse off and finish with your normal skincare routine.
I can't say I was totally zen from cleansing with this, but the smell of it was definitely uplifting and my skin looks brighter from using it.


I have some friends that swear by oils, and actually, my mum uses one every night. I know they're full of amazing ingredients - but, oh yes, there's the BUT - my skin only ever works well with an oil when it's winter. In the summer I find them too heavy, even at night. To be fair, this is a very light oil and it sinks in quickly, so it's not just sitting on your skin and blocking pores - so if I was going to use one, this would be a top contender.
I'd put it on maybe once a week for a supercharged hit of nutrients. It really does smell soothing too.

So I thought the range launched onto their website last week, but it seems to have gone missing. For now, it's looking like you can buy them from here - though as soon as I get an updated stockist, I'll add it on here.



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