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Have you noticed just how many face masks are launching at the moment? When I was growing up, the only masks that were really around were those little sachets you could pick up from the tills at Peacocks! These days, they're a lot more complex, and more of us are choosing to add them into our skincare regimes.
I've been using face masks for a while now, but it's only really recently that I've started to look into all the different types out there. There are just so many, which is good, considering we've all got such different skincare needs. The three that I'm talking about today make up L'Oreal's new Pure Clay Mask collection. There's a purity mask, a detox and a glow - and each of them do different things. You can buy them individually or you can do a bit of multi-masking and use all three.

What is multi-masking?

It really isn't anything technical - it's basically just using different masks on different parts of your face, so you can give your skin exactly what it needs. For example, your nose might be oily, while your cheeks could be dry or sensitive. Those two areas have different needs - which is why you might want to choose a formula to suit those areas.


What it does: Detoxifies & Clarifies

All of these masks use pure clay as the foundation, then extra ingredients are added in to customise them. This one is meant to be used on skin that needs a detox - so clogged pores or congested skin. It looks a lot darker than the others because it has charcoal in it, which is used to draw out all those impurities. I've found this one feels a little bit harsher than the others - not in a bad way, but I can almost feel it working down into my pores. For this reason I'd really only use it once a week, and probably just over my t-zone. It dries quickly, and didn't overly dry out my skin, and I did think that my nose looked a little less shiny over the following few days - which means it probably did something to control oil production.


What it does: Brightens & exfoliates

This is definitely my favourite of the three, and I could use it all over my face without worrying it would be too harsh. The red colour of it comes from red algae - which has brightening properties. Unlike the other two, the texture of this one is different because it has little beads in it, so as well as brightening your skin, it gives it a little exfoliate. Once a week is enough, or you could over scrub your skin. Leave it on for around 10-15 minutes and then lather it up so your complexion gets a bit of a scrub too. I noticed my skin looked brighter as soon as I'd washed it off. 


What it does: Purifies and mattifies

I wasn't entirely sure how this one was different from the detox mask, because both of them promise to de-clog pores and make skin generally look fresher. This seems to be a little bit lighter in texture, and has eucalyptus added in it. Having tried both of them, my skin felt softer after using this one, but cleaner after using the detox. I'd use this on more areas of my face as well, because it controls general oil production, and I tend to have quite oily skin. Light, fresh and can be used two or three times a week if you need it.


You might have completely different skin to me, but I used the detox mask on my t-zone (nose and forehead), the purify mask over my cheeks and temples, and the brighten mask over the rest of my skin. This is just showing you whereabouts, but of course you'd smear it all round your face - not artfully dotted into nice looking lines!

There you have it, a full range review. You can pick them up now for £5 from Boots, which really is a pretty amazing price. If you have any other questions then feel free to shoot me a comment down below. 



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