Sunday, 28 August 2016

Lord & Berry's new metallic Reglam Crayon Eyeshadow collection (with swatches)

Guys, I am so excited - I have my camera back! If you haven't heard me whining about it, for the past few weeks I've been taking all my blog photos on my phone because my Canon camera has been out of action. But now I've got it up and running again, and just in time - because these gorgeous new eyeshadows deserve to be shot in the best light.
I've used Lord & Berry makeup for a while now, since they launched onto Asos. They always had amazing crayon lipsticks, but I'm so happy that this new range of eyeshadows has launched because they are seriously so lovely.

I'm obsessed with anything metallic at the moment, especially rose gold. But these shadow sticks aren't like other I've come across - they're better. They don't have a standard boring silver and gold - the range has six shades of amazing coppers, pinks, taupes and maroons. The nicest shades I've seen in ages, and they just glide onto your lids.

Shades (from left to right): Incognito, Backstage, Flashback, Stunning, Exclusive, Mad For It.

- Six autumn-y shades ranging from coppers to pinks
- Long-wear and crease resistant
- Easy to smudge and blend with each other
- Includes a black colour for adding definition and a light champagne for highlighting
- Velvetty texture
- Easy for on-the-go touchups 

Swatch shades (from left to right): Incognito, Backstage, Flashback, Stunning, Exclusive, Mad For It.
// My thoughts //

Like I said, I absolutely love this range. I don't usually like crayons or shadow sticks because I get quite oily eyelids and they ALWAYS highlight that, or two hours into my day they just crease into one unflattering line. But these don't do that - they blend so easily, and the pigment in them is insane. They colours are gorgeous and on-trend, there isn't one that I wouldn't wear. And they last! From morning to night, and I've been getting quite a few compliments when I wear the rose gold shade. Whatever your eye colour, there's a shade or two in here for you, and if you can afford it, then I'd recommend stocking up on the load of them. 

They cost £12 from Cult Beauty - and they're already my top pick for September.

My top shade pick 'Mad for It' - a lovely rose gold
What do you think, will you give them a go?



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