Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Dubai travel guide

Are you heading off to Dubai for a long city break? Don't go without having a read of this, because I've just got back and I'm sharing all my travel tips with you!

I was actually pretty nervous about going to Dubai, because I wasn't sure what to expect, and we always hear about their 'scary' laws - and the idea of going to prison over there just wasn't appealing. I did a search for blog posts about the city before I left but I couldn't really find one with really helpful travel trips, so if you're a bit like me, and aren't sure about what to expect, or if you should book to visit, then I've jotted down some helpful Q&As.

Q: Can I even drink there?

Yep! We all like a drink or two when we're on hols (or, like, 8 Mojitos). And it's not that having no alcohol is a MASSIVE deal breaker for me, but I did want a few glasses of wine and some pool-side cocktails, and even though you can't buy any alcohol in Dubai, there are bars, clubs and hotels that serve it. So any hotel you're staying in will stock it, and actually the bars people go to over there are usually attached to a hotel, so they're pretty social spots to hangout. Also, beach clubs are really fun over there - I went to one called Zero Gravity, and I can't tell you how amazing it is. It costs you about £30 to get in for the day, but you get a free cocktail pitcher and there's huge comfy outdoor beds, a beautiful beach and this amazing pool with see-through borders, so you can actually see people through the sides of the pool.

Q: Will I be arrested if I stay in a hotel room with my boyfriend?

No. Actually, possibly but so so so very unlikely. I asked my friend this, who lives over there, and she laughed at me. Apparently they make one arrest or something in a year to show to be keeping it in check, but if you're booking into a hotel with your boyfriend, you have nothing to worry about. They're very tolerant of tourists, so you'll be totally fine. Just don't go getting touchy-feely when you're out and about, because you'll get in trouble if someone complains. This works for bars and clubs too - you can easily be kicked out of somewhere for a make-out sesh. Get a room - like, actually.

Q: Is it overly packed and touristy?

No, and I was really pleasantly surprised by this. There's so much to do and see that it isn't overly packed. I didn't venture out to the big water parks or anything, but I'm told they get busier in the summer holiday months. Also, bear in mind, Dubai has its weekend on Friday/Saturday - not like ours is Saturday/Sunday, so prices for tickets or events on a Friday really shoot up. If you're visiting a big tourist attraction then you're best saving it for Sunday-Thursday.

Q: What about the weather?

It's hot! I actually just went in their hottest time - and the temp did reach 50°C! Crazy. It's a little suffocating, I'm not going to lie. My friend tells me that in December and Jan it gets down to around 20°C, which is nice and cool in comparison. For the best weather, you want to hit around September or April for the 30ish°C-, though, prices will surge because those are the most popular months. Oh and remember to look up when Ramadan is before going (2017 is at the end of May for a month). It's probably best not to go then because rules are tighter, and some places may not open or run as usual.

Q: Is it really expensive when I get there?

Yes and no. You get quite a lot for your money. If you're going out for food, the portions are big and even juices and coffees seem to be larger! Taxis are also pretty cheap and it's easy to just walk to a road and hail one down. There's also a metro for getting around which is only something like a pound to get from the airport or the marina into the main downtown area with the mall and fountains etc. If you're in an apartment or something, I warm you that fresh fruit and vegetables cost a BOMB. Not even kidding, one avocado was like £5. No wonder everyone gets take-aways over there.

Q: Where would you recommend going?

Oh there's so many amazing things to see, and as much as I wish I could say I went to them all - I actually had a pretty chilled time just catching up with my friend over coffees and food. But that being said, go see the world's tallest skyscraper (Burj Khalifa). The top floor is on 147, though tickets are slightly cheaper for the lower floor. The GIANT mall (again, the biggest in the world) is pretty spectacular, and they have some pretty decent lunch spots in their for when your legs need a break! I stayed on the Marina, which is really beautiful at night. I went to an amazing middle-eastern restaurant called Reem Al Bawadi, which is pretty cheap and has the best hummus in the world. Also, for a day trip I can't recommend Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa enough. It's about 45 minutes out of the city, in the desert, and it's a complete oasis. It's quite honeymoon-y, but you can buy a day pass for around £40 and use all the amazing pools. It's so blissful, and as a blogger, I can promise you the best photo opps! Plus, you can get a free camel ride. WIN.

Any other questions I haven't covered? Just leave me a message below and I'll get back to you xx


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