Monday, 1 August 2016


Did someone say a weekend by the sea? I'm there.
Actually, I was there, and now I'm back in grey London, missing the weekend already. Even though I'm based in the city now, my family home is on the coast of Dorset, right on Branksome beach. I try to get down once every few months, because it's just so beautiful down there, and a welcome break from London life.

This weekend was special because my big sister has just had a little baby girl - her name is Inca, and she was born last week. So, to honour the new family member, we had a weekend of food, sunshine and beach walks. Here it is in snaps...

My new caramel hair - I had it coloured at Percy and Reed in East London before hopping on a train home. Adam Reed is the master of blonde tones!
Just a little snack! I baked these double chocolate brownies on Saturday morning for my brother-in-law as a congratulations. He loves brownies, and he had half the tray of these.
A serious Saturday spread. The boys were on the BBQ, and we had to join three tables together just to fit all the food on it! My favourite was the watermelon and feta salad.
Yes, these are dough balls. I made home-made pizza bases on Friday night and kept some of the mix so I could make these up for a Saturday snack. They've got oregano, paprika, cheese and chilli olive oil drizzled over them - and I served them up with a balsamic dip.
This is my beautiful new niece. She's so small and perfect.
Winning big sisters awards all round here, I made my brother a three-tier stack of nutella and berry brownies. This was before he threw about a litre of syrup on it.
Bournemouth beach at its prettiest. This was 9am on Sunday, when I went down to get a takeaway coffee before heading back to London.
A good view of the dessert spread! Double chocolate brownies and a salted caramel cheesecake. YUM.
Finally, breakfast outdoors and recipe reading. This is my favourite bowl of coconut soya yogurt, berries, honey and crushed nuts.

I hope you all had lovely weekends. Here's to hoping the next one comes quickly!



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