Saturday, 3 September 2016

Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo review (with results!)

 Can we all just please take a minute to stare at these palettes. They are literally perfect. I didn't think I'd like anything better than the Marc Jacobs highlighter sticks, but these blushers are my new kit-hits.
I actually thought they launched at the end of last week, but I've had a search through Harrods online (MJ beauty is always stocked there) and I can't seem to find them on there just yet. So if you like what you see and fancy giving one a go yourself, then check back on their site next week. I promise you, they are well worth the wait. They're in Sephora now over in the States, so fingers crossed they're on their way over here now!

I've got my hands on two of the shades - Lush & Libido and Kink & Kisses. The first is a bright pink mixed in with a lighter shade of baby pink, and the second is more of a deep peachy pink mixed in with a light nude/pink. 

Apparently Japanese air powder is the key to the blushers' formulas. I have literally no clue what that means. How can a blush have actual air in it? Is it like when you make a cake and when there's air, it's light and fluffy? This is what I'm going with because I quite like the whole image of a cake-like blusher. But seriously, they say they make it kind of like you would a soufflĂ©, and it gives the blush a really lightweight texture, so when it goes on your cheeks, it blends into your skin seamlessly. 

Honestly, pair one of these with a good highlighter and you've got a practically flawless face. My skin is far from perfect but the blush made it look really airbrushed and flushed (in a nice way, not 'I've been on a half marathon' way). Like I said, I've got two of the shades here but there are 5 in total - three are varying light and dark shades of pink and cherry and the other two are more peachy and warm tones. If I could recommend you one, it would be the Kink & Kisses (showing below) because I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the coral-y pink shade looked. I've used standard pink blushers for so long that I don't think I even thought about switching it up before I found this combo. 

The formula is 24-hour wear, so they last ages. And the duo colours are supposed to give your cheeks a contoured look. I've tested it, and they definitely do.

Lush & Libido
Kink & Kisses

What do you think? Pretty right?! They'll cost £28 each, but I think they are so so worth the money.
Left wearing: Lush & Libido, right wearing: Kink & Kisses


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