Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Models Own NEW Dare to Bare Semi-Matte lipsticks review

Matte lipsticks are my thing. I just can't resist a full-on matte, nude lip. You could say that look is a little outdated now, but I hate the feeling of sticky lips - so it suits me fine.
Which is why I was intrigued by these new 'semi-matte' lipsticks. Not a matte, not a sheer - somewhere in between. Good idea. And the fact that they're all based around nude shades is just even better! 'Dare to Bare' is the newest collection from Models Own, and they've just launched new eye palettes, pressed powders, nail polishes and these lipsticks - all under the new pink packaging.

I've got two of the lip shades here - Stark and Nude Beam.


- Rich, full coverage colours
- There's 6 nude shades in the range - from a light peach to a deep plummy nude.
- They all have coconut and rosehip oils in their formula, to hydrate lips.
- The texture isn't matte or sheer, something between the two
- They cost £6.99 each

Shade name : Stark
Shade name : Nude Beam

For such inexpensive lipsticks, I was really happy with the finish they gave. They're quite long lasting - and I say quite because you would have to apply them after having a coffee or lunch. But while they don't give lips a super long-lasting tint, they do look really lovely when freshly applied. The texture of them is velvety, so they don't make lips look shiny, or accentuate any dryness - it's just a very flattering finish.
I thought they felt quite premium to use, and I love the simple nude packaging. It's like they've marketed this range for the slightly older woman (i.e, not a teenager). I thought the choice of nudes was great as well. They weren't all really same-y, and all six shades have slightly different tones which will work on all skin tones, you just have to pick the right one for you.

Shades : Stark (left), Nude Beam (right).

If you want to give them a go, you can buy them now on here now! 


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