Wednesday, 19 October 2016

10 secrets beauty bloggers probably won't tell you (but I will!)

Fancy going into beauty blogging? Or maybe you're just a little bit nosey. Well I'm spilling some insider secrets for you. SHH!
Beauty bloggers have notoriously pretty blogs and social feeds, and for so many years I looked at them and thought HOW? How did they find such a photogenic wall? How do they make their flatlays look so damn impressive? I've learnt some of those ways and I'll share them with you, because believe me ladies, it isn't all white-washed and perfect outside of our Instagram walls!

// It's ALL about the camera //

I tried using my iPhone when I first started out, and it was fine, but it was never GREAT. I kept wondering why my photos didn't look as good as the other bloggers' but it was because they invested in a good camera. There's a reason why the Olympus Pen (I have the E-PL7) has such a good rep - it blurs backgrounds, captures you in the best light, and picks up amazing detail.

// Take a walk backwards //

I learnt this trick yesterday! When you're taking a full-length shot, try walking backwards and get the person taking your photo to keep snapping while you do. The leg placements look better and it all has a more natural/less posed 'oh, I didn't know you were there!' feel.

// Get the apps //

If the shot doesn't turn out as bright or as detailed as you hoped, that's where a good app comes in. I use Facetune, but others use Afterlight and other photo editing apps. You can whiten backgrounds, improve detail and blur out any annoying spots that ruin a good make-up shot. It might seem a little dishonest, and natural is always good, but it does make the difference between a nice photo and an amazing one.

// Stick to the theme //

Or at least a general one. Instagram is so huge these days, and if you're hoping to work with beauty brands in the future, then they'll look at how professional your wall comes off. Finding a general colour scheme, or a theme will really help you. And remember to stick to it! If monochrome is your general look, keep to that. If you want bright colours then that's fine too. Check that it all matches in by downloading the app called Planoly - it lets you check out your photos tie together before you officially upload them to your wall.

// Don't underestimate a bunch of flowers //

It's a cheap and easy way to make your blog photos and Insta feeds look so much nicer. Get a fresh bouquet and pick some flowers out to snap with your beauty products. Hold them up against a cool looking wall, or just arrange them around your room if you're filming a vlog in there. They keep and you can use them more than once.

// Take a look at the feeds //

If you've taken a photo of a make-up product and you're tagging the brand in it on Instagram, it's best to check out the type of thing they post before you do that. If you can create a shot for them that ties in with their theme and looks good enough for them to spot, then they are more likely to re-gram you - which can help you get those extra followers.

// Be a morning person //

It's harder in the winter because the sun comes out later, but honestly, get up and use the light - even if it means you lose half an hour of sleep. This is especially important if you have a full-time job, because it's often too dark to shoot products after work as you've lost that natural light.

// Learn to like coffee //

Everyone loves coffee. Coffee looks great in photos, so does a nice coffee mug. People like coffee people. Coffee is good. And if nothing else, it'll help you wake up that half an hour earlier!

// Weekends are your friend //

I get the bulk of my flatlays and blog post shots done on a Saturday or Sunday. The weekend means I have time to play around with layouts without worrying that I'll lose the light. Take a whole bunch in one go and you'll have things to schedule out over the week (a good tip if you have a busy week ahead).

// There's no point in buying followers //

A few years ago, it was easy enough to buy a thousand or so followers and get away with it. You still can, but if you're serious about getting into beauty blogging and you're hoping to eventually be recognised and paid for your time, then brands have ways of knowing whether your followers are organic (i.e, not bought) or not. Keep working at it and stay away from the easy option, because it really is too good to be true.

Any other questions? As always, ping them over to me and I'll get back to you!



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