Sunday, 9 October 2016

By Terry Forest Desire Eye Designer Palette review & swatches

I'm not a make-up snob. In fact, I firmly believe that high-street beauty can be just as good as the bigger-named brands. Saying that though, there are some designers that set themselves far beyond anyone else, and for me, By Terry is one of them.
The packaging is sleek and beautiful, the colour pigments are unparalleled, and every beauty launch by them just has a luxurious feel. I get excited whenever I get my hands something new, and this Designer Eye Palette is my latest find from the brand.

It comes in two shade types, and the one I have here is called the 'Forest Desire' palette. Which is a good name for it since the shades inside are all mossy greens and muted wood colours. I'm happy I tried this version, because the other palette colour choice is called 'Gem Experience', which has all the pinks, beiges and neutral shades that I normally use - so I've been able to try out a new colour range that perhaps I wouldn't have chosen for myself.

At first glance you might think this palette is a bit 'meh'. But the colours blend together so beautifully. The first champagne shade is perfect for the inner corners of your eyes and for the arches of your brows, and the copper mixed in with the light khaki green is the most perfect autumn-eye combination. 

I have to be honest, I'm yet to use the blue at the end. Just because I really don't like blue on my eyes. I have dark hazel eyes and I find they look a lot better with coppers, browns and greens. But if you have blue eyes then the navy blended in the mossy green would look amazing.

For me, the selling points to this palette are..

-The shade range - they blend together perfectly
- The formula - it doesn't leave a ton of residue on your cheeks when applying 
- The colours make a perfect autumn smokey eye
-They don't crease during the day, so it's a good morning-to-night-palette
-It comes with a good sized mirror

The downsides? There aren't many, but..

- For the price, I think a good applicator brush should have been included with the palette
- I personally would have a liked a black or a charcoal instead of the navy - just something to give a smokier finish to the bottom lash line.

The palette is out now on Space NK, and it costs £44.

I'm on the hunt for some other amazing autumn eyeshadow palettes so comment below and let me know if you're using any that you love!



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