Monday, 3 October 2016

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 7-piece brush review

These brushes are up there with some of the best. Long handles, shiny metallic coating, and amazing quality bristles. I'm a bit behind on joining the obsession with these, but I thought it was high-time I gave them a go.
I love brushes. It's not even that I just like to use them, dammnit I want the prettiest brushes so I can display them artfully in a glass and sigh at them every time I see them. I've had my eye on the Bold Metals collection for a while now, and I am so excited to finally have the full set.

Bag credit: The Bodyshop

The seven brushes here were sent to me as a set, which retailed at £50 back in August. I have searched and searched trying to find this deal, but it looks like you can't buy them as a box anymore. If I'm wrong and you know of somewhere this seven piecer is sold, then let me know by commenting below!

Individually, the brushes cost £12 for a small one and up to £22 for a bigger one. No, they aren't cheap, but if you're a brush geek like I am, it's something worse investing in.

Here are the brushes from left to right, as shown in the snap above...

// The 200 Oval Shadow, £15 //
// The 301 Flat Contour, £22 //
// The 100 Arched Powder, £22 //
// The Tapered Blush, £19 //
// The 101 Triangle Foundation, £19 //
// The 201 Pointed Crease, £12 //
// The 202 Angled Liner, £12 //

The contour brush
It wasn't until recently that I really started to appreciate what a good brush can do. I found that these picked up the pigment, or foundation, really well and applied it perfectly. The one above, for example, is the flat contour brush, and it gives such a smooth line - if you're using it under your cheekbones. The oval shadow brush is amazing, because it distributes powder eyeshadow so easily, and makes creating a smokey eye really simple.

Another thing I want to say about these brushes, is just how handy (no pun intended!) it is to have a longer handle. It makes for very precise application, and I found that by holding the brush just a little bit further back, I was able to control the application much better, especially the eyeshadow and liner ones. Oh, the liner one also doubles up as a GREAT eyebrow applicator, if you use a gel (creates a flawless line).

The foundation brush
Another surprise favourite of mine from the collection is the triangle foundation brush. I say it's a surprise, because I usually use my beauty blender, and I hadn't found anything that made me ditch that. But this did such a good job at applying foundation. The flat sides mean that it has a really smooth finish, but the edges and the tip make it really easy to blend into creases (like the nose). 

I like these SO much that I'm finding it really hard getting them covered in make-up! If you're spending quite a lot of money on a brush, then I really would recommend cleaning them every few weeks or so, depending on how much you use them. Get yourself a cleaner (this one by Makeup Revolution is cheap and does the trick), and you'll get a lot of use out of the brushes. Don't let the dirt build up because it will destroy the bristles.

You can pick any of the seven I talked about here from Boots and online here.

Have you ever tried them? Or is there a better brand out there?


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