Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Sunkissed Highlights Instant Radiance cream review

With the cold well and truly here to stay, we could all use a little bit more radiance. This new creamy base from Sunkissed promises to be a total glow-in-a-bottle.
When they asked me if I'd like to try a tube of this, I said yes because I had a feeling it was a bit like the Benefit High Beam cream - which I'm a huge fan of. And I like the idea of finding a match that's a fraction of the price.

To give you a little perspective, the Benefit one costs nearly £20 while this Instant Radiance booster is just £4. Just think of the coffees you could buy with that change! I won't say they are exactly the same though, and it would be a little unfair to compare them, because this one from Sunkissed isn't about giving you an eye-popping highlight, it's more subtle than that. 

I've given it a proper test, on my face as well as my hand, to see if it really does brighten my skin noticeably, and here's what I thought...

- It's an amazing price, and you get a lot of product in the tube.
- It isn't overly perfumed so it doesn't irritate my skin (very sensitive)
- You only need a tiny drop and it goes a long way
- It does give my skin a brighter look when applied as a primer-like base

But also...

- The cream is very thin and almost runny, and I would have liked it to have been thicker.
- It sinks into skin really quickly and the effect disappears a little bit, especially if you put a foundation over the top.

You wear this either as a base for bright, natural skin, or mixed into foundation if you want a bit of extra coverage. If you mix it in, then you get an all-over mini glow, so if you'd rather just add it on to areas like your cheekbones and brow arches, then dab it on before adding on a bit of tinted moisturiser or light foundation.

I don't think this has made me throw out my trusty highlighter but I do love how it makes my clean, foundation-free skin look. So I think this is one I might save for days when I don't want a full face of product on, or if I go away - because this would work very nicely with a tan!



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