Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Autumn beauty favourites : Urban Decay, Kat Von D & more

I'M BACK! I know I only left for a few days, but I've been off on a long weekend break to Lisbon. I meant to post this before I headed off, but I decided to get my eyebrows done instead. It was worth it.
I'll be putting up a city guide later this week with all the (millions of) snaps I took when I was out there. But for now, I've got a round-up of my favourite beauty products of this season. And there was a lot to pick from. Autumn is always my favourite time for launches because the colours are richer and more subdued, and golds, bronzes and rose golds come right into trend.

Making my shortlist this month are...

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette
New Look Brush On Brows
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

I've already written reviews of the Real Technique brushes and the whole new tool range from Primark, so just click on the titles above and it'll take you straight to them.


People went CRAY when this launched the other month, and rightly so. Housed in a delicious golden box, there are 12 all-new, neutral, matte eyeshadow shades - and each one of them is more wearable than the last. Their staying power is insane, and I usually have a problem making powders stay on my lids all day. The texture is velvety and I can't even begin to describe just how pigmented they are. The swatches on my hand was from me sweeping the eyeshadow brush only once over each of the shades!
My top shade picks are the deep grey, the perfect rosy nude, the plummy purple and the jet black (for lining underneath my lash line). 

If you're an Naked fan like me - you need this on your christmas list!


I need to do a full post on New Looks first make-up range, because it's SO affordable, and surprisingly brilliant quality. There's a lot to pick from (they weren't shy about launching too much at once!) but I've been carrying this brush on brow applicator in my handbag, and I really love it.
The shade I'm using is the mid-brown, and the small wand lets you get right into your brow hairs to make them look less sparse, plumper and subtly tinted.
I've tried a lot of brow gels and what I REALLY hate is when you end up splodging the end of the wand right in the middle of the brow and you have to wipe it all off and start again. But this doesn't dispense too much product, so there's no splodginess at all.


People always talk about how they 'find' the perfect lipstick. And I haven't. Not really anyway - not one that I would deliberately seek out and be heartbroken if it disappeared into the same place all my lipsticks vanish to (a bit like socks really). This one is the closest I've got, and I LOVE it. When they say 'everlasting' they mean it - this does not fade. At all. It stays put all day without you even needing to touch up. It dries matte, and the applicator sponge is small enough for really precise application around the lipline. The shade I have is called 'Lolita' and it's a really pretty dark nude, and whenever I wear it, I get asked what I've got on my lips.
Tattoo lips are totally a thing, and Kat has you covered.

Have you tried any of them and liked them too? I'd love to hear so send me a message below!


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