Saturday, 5 November 2016

The new Primark PS... copper beauty tools range

What's that you say? You want beauty tools that look cute and don't cost an absolute bomb? I've got you covered. Actually, Primark have got you covered.
You remember back in school when you totally denied buying anything from Primark? Well it's just become extremely cool. In fact, they been getting progressively cooler, better quality and more stylish over the past year or so, and these new beauty tools are checking off trendy, useful, cheap and pretty.

Don't look so skeptical! It's true. These tools are ALL £1.50 and under. Which is so amazing because sometimes I really resent paying £10 for a pair of tweezers. I like my eyebrows but not that much. And actually, you get two tweezers in the Primark set - so that means they cost like, 70p.

And they don't feel thin, flimsy or cheap either. All the tools are pretty weighty, and if you took off the Primark sticker, I would have guessed they were from a more luxe brand.

So in the new copper range there's...

- Grooming scissors (for nails, brows etc.), £1.50
- Duo tweezer set, £1.50
- Compact mirror, £1
- Eyelash curlers, £1
- Pencil sharpener, £1

That's everything here for a total of SIX pounds. SIX (someone check my maths).

The only downside is that Primark isn't available to buy online, so you'll have to actually head into a store to pick any of these up. I really think a retailer like Asos should stock these because I'm sure lots of beauty junkies would add them to their baskets.

They should all be out now in most stores nationwide, so next time you're there, remember to keep your eye out for these little bargain!

Have a lovely firework night beauties xx


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