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Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder review

Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder
Tonight I was deciding between writing this blog post or putting on another layer of fake tan for my Christmas party on Wednesday, and I'm really happy I chose to do this, because I'd forgotten just how pretty this product is.
I tried it out about a month or two ago and took some pictures then and there, but I wanted to give it a proper go before giving you my thoughts. With any designer brand, if I'm recommending it, I don't want anyone wasting a big amount of money on something that doesn't really work. This glow powder, however, is fabulous - and I know this because I've been wearing it most days for about a month.

Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder
Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder

Healthy Glow Powder // £36

First of all, is there a prettier looking powder out there? It's got a star shaped into it, and the box is so shiny, with rose gold detailing. All very fancy. The kind of product you wipe down after because you don't want to leave fingerprints on it. Secondly, I thought I didn't really need a bronzer going into winter - but oh, how wrong I was. This isn't actually so much of a powder to make your face look contoured or considerably darker - no, it's more subtle than that. It's an all-over glow booster that adds a very subtle sun-kissed effect to your complexion.

About it

- A baked gel formula that turns to powder when it touches skin
- A lighter texture that makes you feel like you're wearing nothing at all
- It comes in three shades, and you can pick the one that will enhance your natural colour
- A non-cakey or powdery finish that gives a nude skin effect
- Luminous and glowing finish

The claims on this are big, and let's face it, who doesn't want something that can give an amazing glow, but also feel completely weightless? Honestly, this does the job. 
I didn't get it at the start because I kept applying and applying it, thinking there was nothing transferring onto my skin. I just didn't feel any product going on. Then I caught my face from the side in natural daylight and BAM, the glow was real.

I've been applying it with a standard medium-sized bronzing brush, but because it's got a gel-like texture, it also works well with a cushion applicator. Out of the three shades, the one that suits my skin tone the most, which I'm showing in these pictures, is 02 Douce Saison - which is the lightest of them. But if I were using it in summer then I'd probably upgrade to one of the darker two.

All-in-all, I'm so impressed with this powder. And actually Givenchy as a whole. I really think they're at the front of some brilliant new technology in make-up - like cushion textures and gel-to-powder finishes. I'm excited to see what they bring out next.


Me wearing the Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder

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