Thursday, 8 December 2016

Here are my five favourite Instagram beauty picks this month

So many products, so many favourites, but these five have been getting the most love on my Instagram so here's a little more about them...
I'd say over half of my Instagram is dedicated to beautiful new beauty products, but not all of them make it on to my blog - because there's not enough time in the day to write about them all. Instead of their gorgeousness getting forgotten about on my wall, I'll be doing a monthly blog round up of five of my favourites.

Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadows // £15 each

I LOVE Urban Decay, and if you follow me over on Insta then you'll know that. Just about anything that they launch, I love. Their palettes are the best out there in my opinion, so when I saw these liquid shadow pots the other month, I knew I'd love them too.

There are 8 shimmery shades in the range, ranging from blue to pink to green. They're bright shades, but they aren't overly pigmented, and the result you get from them is a wash of tinted shimmer - so even the green shade 'Zodiac', which I wouldn't normally pick, gives a really pretty, almost sheer, effect. My first thought on these was 'OH SO SPARKLY', and the second was 'how is it an eyeshadow when the brush is thin enough to be a liner?'. I actually still feel like the applicator brush should be bigger - but the benefit of having it quite fine is that it does double up as a liquid eyeliner.

My advice for these is layer them up. Start with a thin layer and wait for it to dry for 30ish seconds, then add on another one. Keep going until you get the punchiness you want. The texture isn't wet, it's more creamy, but they do smudge if you don't leave them sit on your lids for a few seconds.

Shade choices: Chemtrail (gold), Recharged (orange tinged rose gold), Zap (deeper browny gold), Solstice (dark rose), Magnetic (purple), Spacetime (dark copper), Zodiac (light emerald green), Vega (blue).

Ilia Multi-Stick & Illuminator // £30 each

I don't usually love stick highlighters or blushers. I find they dislodge the foundation I just spent a good 10 minutes putting on, and then I have to add more on top - WHICH defies the point of me using the stick in the first place. I'm not totally, completely, utterly converted from my trusty powder shades, but these have definitely made it into my make-up bag. 

There are two different types of these sticks, the Multi-Sticks and the Illuminator Sticks. The multis come in six varying shades of blush colours that can be used on lips and cheeks (the standout shade for me being 'At Last' - a gorgeous dusty rose), and the illuminators are for highlighting your face (a champagne shade and one in a darker bronze shade 'Sway).

I like them because, a) they don't feel sticky, or build-up over the rest of my make-up and make it look cakey. And b) the shades are just so on point. It's nice to have a highlighter that isn't TOO light or sparkly, and a blush range with more shade options than 'too red' or 'a little too pink'.

CK One Gold EDT // £22

CK One has been around for ages, but I live for their limited editions. This gold drip one is by far my favourite yet. The scent is just as lovely as ever - fresh and slightly woody - and I've been wearing it every day since I got it. I'd probably go for something with a little more punch for a date night or evening, but if you're looking for an every-day fragrance, this is a steal. And if you go to Superdrug, they're selling it for £22 instead of £38 now!

Sleek Diamonds in the Rough i-Lust Palette // £7.99

I've been raving about this palette for weeks now and I'm still just as obsessed with it now. I can't get over how much the shades look like actual velvet. But not only that - it's the prettiest selection of pinks I've ever seen put into one palette. There's two cream highlighting shades, which I've been using on my brow arches and in the inner corners of my eyes, and the four middle shades are all for making a subtle rose smokey eye. They are so flattering and I've had a few people asking me what shades they are when I've worn them out. 

Treat yourself before Christmas - you won't regret picking this palette up.

REN Moroccan Rose Otto shower gel // £tbc

I've put TBC on the price of this because it doesn't launch in shops till January, but it's too good not to give you a heads up on. If you've ever bought anything from their Otto Rose range before (bath oils, gels etc), then you'll know how good it smells. I don't normally love rose as a fragrance because it's too wishy-washy, but this is like a souped-up herbal version. And this tub is HUGE. I've had it in my shower for over 3 weeks and it's still going strong. It should be out on their website next month, but if you can't wait for that, then you can buy their classic rose shower gel from M&S now.

Extra love goes to it for having a pump dispenser, which makes for a mess-free shower. 

Thanks everyone for all the Instagram love lately - I really appreciate all your comments and likes. If you want me to review anything else from my Insta on my blog, then just leave me a comment and I'll make sure it's in my next round-up.



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