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Mariah Carey for MAC: It's Everything palette, Bit of Bubbly lipstick and My Mimi Skinfinish review

MAC Mariah Carey hollday Collection 2016
Happy Christmas Eve Eve, beauties! I am so excited for all of the food, but before that begins, I wanted to get this review up of Mariah's gorgeous new MAC collab. range which launched earlier this month.
MAC has had some pretty awesome partnerships now, and my favourite by far was Rihanna's RiRi one, but now Mariah has totally taken first spot with this Christmassy collection. The shades, the glitter, the muted colour scheme and the luxe packaging - it has everything I look for, and I've chosen three of the stand-outs from it to show you all.

MAC Mariah Carey hollday Collection 2016

First of all, how INSANELY Mariah does this all look? It's so full of bling, it almost makes me want to start signing Honeeeeeey. But take away the whole look of it, this collection isn't just superficial, it's actually really good, and the pigments are amazing.

About the range

-Mimi was super involved in designing the range, picking the shades and the packaging. Everything you see is her brain-child really.
-She designed a shade of lipstick called 'All I want' (very shimmery) but they decided to expand it to a full range for this Christmas.
- In this collection, there's 23 products: five lipsicks, five lip glosses, two lip pencils, two eyeshadow palettes (quads), a liquid liner, two blushers, a loose powder, two brushes, two styles of false lashes and a skinfinish compact.
- There's no red lipsticks in the range because Mariah says she can't wear it. SO NOBODY CAN MKAY?
- All the make-up is named after her top hits.
- The prices range from £11.50 to £27.50.

 Bit of Bubbly Lipstick // £17

MAC Mariah Carey hollday Collection 2016
MAC Mariah Carey hollday Collection 2016

So this nude would normally be a little TOO light for me, but I quite like it for a change. It's got a really pretty peachy undertone to it, and it's surprisingly flattering against my skin. I also love the finish of it because it's not quite matte or glossy, it's one of their Cremesheens. It feels really soft on my lips, and although it probably doesn't have the same staying power as some of the matte formulas, I like it because it feels just as comfortable to wear as a balm.
If this is too light for your liking then there are four other nude shades to pick from. I also love the shade 'I Get so OOC' - which is a shimmery brown-tinged nude.

My Mimi Skinfinish // £26.50

MAC Mariah Carey hollday Collection 2016
MAC Mariah Carey hollday Collection 2016

Naturally, Mariah would find a way to get her face on the collection somewhere, and it's actually printed into this special holiday Extra Dimension Skinfinish. 
If you haven't used one before - it's a powder 'finisher', so you can use it to highlight and sculpt your face - and I love them. But what I first noticed about this is how much warmer it looks than most of the other Extra Dimension powders. You can tell by the swatch on my finger that it's pretty pigmented, and very gold. Because of this I was extra careful when first putting it on, in case it looked too WOAH, gold. 
I actually think this would be better suited to someone with darker skin, because on mine, I feel it's just too coppery. It's a good highlight shade, don't get me wrong, but I'm just more of a cool toned girl.
But it's so beautiful, and perfectly sums up Mariah,  so I won't kick it out of my make-up bag.

It's Everything Eyeshadow x 4 // £27.50

MAC Mariah Carey hollday Collection 2016
MAC Mariah Carey hollday Collection 2016
This, for me, is the standout from the collection. I LOVE it. And it's nice to see a holiday quad that doesn't have the standard unwearable 'festive' shades of greens and strange orangey golds. These are all shades I would want to wear, but with a little bit of Christmas sparkle added. 
All four of the shades have a subtle shimmer, and the champagne is just that extra bit glitzy (my favourite of the four). The black is perfect for defining and blending into the other three, to give your eye a smoky look. I love them all because they're so pigmented, and blend together perfectly.
I use the shimmery champagne to highlight my brows and the inner corners of my eyes, and it gives everything a lifted, glowing look.

Well that's it for me! I might do a little baking update before Christmas, because that's essentially all I'm going to be doing from now 'till then. But otherwise, have a lovely Christmas 



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