Thursday, 16 February 2017

Five ways to boost your fitness motivation if you're in a rut

It's so easy to start the new year full of motivation. Plans to go to the gym 4 days a week, plans to find more time to work out - or just plans to be generally fitter and healthier. But come February, those plans can take a giant, depressing nose-dive.
And we've ALL been there. No matter what level of fitness you're at - everyone, at some point, gets into a fitness slump. It's when times get tough and you can barely find the willpower to make it out of bed, let alone go for a morning jog, that the motivated are separated from the unmotivated.

I'll explain. Motivated people are the ones that have a goal set in their mind, and they will continuously work towards it. It doesn't mean they don't have off days, it just means that after that off day they'll get right back up and keep working on that goal. Unmotivated people either haven't set themselves a concrete goal - or they don't really care that much about achieving it. The problem there is that it's so easy to fall off the wagon because there's nothing making you stay on it. You have to REALLY want something, then the motivation will come.

Your goal might be to get in great shape for a wedding you're going to in the summer, or for a big girls holiday that you want to look amazing for - or even just because you want to be really fit and healthy and change your routine. It doesn't matter what your goal is - you just have to have one.

Once you have that, then everything will fall in to place. But, for days when you're feeling sluggish, or like quitting, here's what you can do to make sure you keep going...

1. Buddy up

The best way to get some motivation is by being around someone else that has loads of it. You know that friend you made fun of over Christmas because they were working out instead of coming to the pub? Okay, buddy up with them. Their energy is catchy - so use that. Arrange to meet before or after work for a run in the park - it's harder to bail on exercise when you've made plans with someone.

2. Try something new

Not liking what exercise you're doing? Then don't do it! I hate running and a few years ago I used to make myself do 20 minutes on the running machine before doing any weights, and because of it, I started to dread working out. That's not what it's meant to feel like, believe me. There are SO many different ways to keep in shape, and everyone is different. Love dance? Try a dance class. Love cycling? Go to spin. When you find something that gives you an amazing feeling when you're done (no matter how tough it was during), you'll want to keep going back for more.My favourite class at the moment is pilates at Virgin Active. The membership is an investment but all their classes and clubs are amazing, and definitely worth paying out for.

3. Pay out

Classes are expensive. I love Psycle, but spending £20 for EACH session isn't really that realistic. But the great thing about splashing out on some decent classes is that you really won't want to lose that money by not turning up. If you really want to stick with a fitness routine, then invest a little bit in a course of classes (Bootcamp Pilates in Shoreditch, for example, were doing an offer where you could get four classes for £20, so I did that and went to every one). Book them in advance and it means you have to go - because no one likes to waste cash that could be spent on food!

4. Take a rest day

It is SO important to have days off. Honestly, it's as important as the workouts you do. These days when you don't go to the gym are when your muscles can repair themselves and your body re-energises. If you've had a busy week of fitness and you really can't do any more, then listen to your body and rest. You're allowed days off, so take them.

5. Remember your reason

Remember what we were talking about at the top of this post? Finding your goal and motivation? Well, you need to remember it. As I mentioned above, it's totally fine to take rest days - but never give up completely just because you're feeling lazy. There's a difference between laziness and needing a rest. If you just don't want to get out of bed, or you'd rather go home and have a take-away - then these are the times you NEED to remember why you're doing this, and why you can't and won't quit. Don't let yourself. 

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