Friday, 24 February 2017

The new Nails Inc mini service menu has launched - and it's great for gel lovers!

I'm a huge fan of gel polish, and every time I go into the salon to get them painted on, I wonder why I ever stopped having them done!
It's so quick as well, and for anyone like me who's nails chip almost instantly with normal nail varnish, gel is a lifesaver. The glossy finish, the plump look and the smooth colour - you just can't beat it. I love looking down at my nails and seeing them done neatly, so it's something I'm willing to invest in a little bit.

Nails Inc gel manicure in shade Better Together
But it's so annoying when you get a week and a half in, or two weeks and one nail decides to ruin everything for the rest of them. You know what I mean - that one nail that decides to break, or you snag while doing the laundry. One little chip and the gel mani is ruined, because you can't just re-paint it. So what can you do? Go in and take them all off, or just try to be cool with having one nail missing varnish.

Well, there's a middle ground now. Nails Inc salons have launched a new mini in-salon service called Gel Addicts Anonymous - and it's what all us mani-lovers have been waiting for.

Gel Addicts Anonymous // From £8

So now you can go into Nails Inc salons - and there's about 42 up and down the UK (find one close to you here) - and pick from four mini treatments from the new express menu.

Gel SOS // £8
If one of your gels has chipped then you can go into the salon and they'll do a quick touch up on it. You don't have to pay for removal of the other nails, or the cost of having a full mani done again - and you don't have to look at one missing nail - hooray!

Damage Alert // £15
 It's good to take a little break from varnishes and gel, so just head into a Nails Inc salon or stockist and pick up their Back to Life strengthening recovery treatment  - which tints your nails pink and makes them less likely to chip when you next have your gels put on.

A Drop of Care // £15
If you want to nurse your cuticles back to health after having gels for a while, then another repair treatment you can pick up from a Nails Inc salon or retailer is their repair oil - made to give your nails a much needed vitamin hit. Apply it yourself in-between your gel appointments.

Hide the Gap // £15
Now this one is a great idea. Do you ever get halfway through a mani and wish you could switch up the colour? I always do. So if you need a new shade to match an outfit for a special event, just nip back into the salon and they'll do a colour cover up for you, without having to spend the time and money taking the old shade off.

Nails Inc gel manicure in shade Better Together from the Mindful Manicure range.
And there you have it - the future of gel nail bars! Bye-bye gel-related problems.

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